Mowmacre Hill 20mph Zone Consultation

Closed 28 Nov 2014

Opened 31 Oct 2014

Feedback Updated 17 Jun 2015

We Asked

We asked for your views on the proposed 20mph zone in Mowmacre Hill. Approximately 1549 consultation letters were delivered in the local area outlining the proposals.

You Said

There were a total of 221 returns representing a 14% response rate. In addition to this there were 6 responses to the consultation online. Of those consulted (85%), are in favour of the 20mph zone proposal. There was slightly less of a majority (74%) in favour of the proposed traffic calming features.

We Did

As a result of the support for the proposal, the Deputy City Mayor approved the implementation of the Mowmacre Hill 20mph Zone in March 2015.


Mowmacre Hill area in the Abbey Ward is part of the current programme of 20mph zones being implemented across the city, which was approved by the Executive on 12th June 2012. The 20mph zones have been identified as areas which would benefit from an area-wide approach to speed reduction from 30mph to 20mph. As the highway authority responsible for the Mowmacre Hill area, intervention is required to reduce accidents in the area and improve overall safety for cyclists, pedestrians and other road users.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation is aimed at the residents in the area to inform them of the proposals. This will allow local residents, who see traffic related issues on a daily basis to inform and input in to the draft proposals. We hope to confirm that our draft proposals generally meet with the approval of the local residents. We will consider the feedback from the 4 week consultation process and where appropriate, design changes can be made to the draft proposals.




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