Traffic Improvements in North West Leicester

Closed 4 Jan 2015

Opened 27 Nov 2014

Feedback updated 15 May 2015

We asked

We asked you about proposals to improve Junctions on the A50 and the outer ring road. These were: Leicester Road/Groby Road on the A50 (known as County Hall Roundabout), the A50/ A563 New Parks Way (known as New Parks Way roundabout, and the junction of Aikman Avenue and the A563. We also asked about proposed cycle routes alongside the A50 up to Blackbird Road.

You said

Respondents living in the county said that they were unhappy with a proposed bus lane along Leicester Road. Respondents in the city said that they supported continuous cycle routes along the A50 but that discussion on detail was needed.

We did

We have removed the bus lane from the proposal. We are developing in detail continuous cycle routes to compliment the junction works and continuing work with disability and cycle consultation groups on this. The City Mayor made a decision on the scheme in March 2015 and the works are planned to be on site from June (cycle routes) and July (junction works)

Results updated 15 May 2015

A comprehensive consultation exercise has been undertaken on this phase 1 project between the 27th November 2014 and the 5th of January 2015.

The consultation responses included 98 questionnaire replies. Based on their home post codes 67% lived within the county, 25% within the City and 8% did not provide a post code. Of those within the county 32 (33%) replies came from residents of the properties on Leicester Road fronting the proposed bus lane to the Station Road (County Hall) roundabout. A further 16 (16%) were from Station Road, Faire Road and other adjacent streets.

In addition to the questionnaire responses, 34 comments were received via correspondence from residents, statutory consultees and other interested parties. The majority of comments were from county residents regarding the proposals within the county. City residents generally supported the proposals and a majority agreed the proposals would improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in particular. Two comments were made in respect of the cycle lane (Groby Road) including the loss of verge/parking and potential conflict with pedestrians and cars.

Ward Councillors from Fosse Ward raised no objections to the scheme and stated a preference for cycle routes to be segregated.

Leicester Inclusive Design Advisory Panel was presented with the proposals at their meeting of December 10th 2014. Members of the panel were concerned that further conversion of footways to shared cycle/ pedestrian routes could mean a higher likelihood of conflicts and excludes many disabled and older people who no longer feel safe on footways, sending out a message that cycling on footways is encouraged.

The Local City Access Forum and Leicester Cycle Workshop have made comments regarding the proposals. The Cycle Workshop raised a number of detailed matters concerning possible collisions with cyclists using the footpaths while vehicles were exiting private accesses, the need for a consistent side road entry treatment along the length of the cycleway and to ensure there is sufficient width on the footpaths to accommodate two way cycling and pedestrian movements.



Works on the first phase of transport improvements are set to start on 13th July 2015. 

Further details can be found by going to the Leicestershire County Council site at: Leicester North West Major Transport Project

The City and County Council are consulting on the first phase of improvements to the A50 corridor and; A563 New Parks Way and cycle routing alongside Groby  Road. Construction of these improvements is anticipated to begin during the spring / summer 2015 and phased over a period of around 12 months.

The Project ( Leicester North West Transport Project) is designed to contribute towards meeting Leicester and Leicestershire’s future transport needs. As our population and our economy grow, it requires an improved road network for drivers, public transport and for walking and cycling.

Significant investment of over £16m has been made available over the next 5 years by the government for this together with a contribution from the City and County Councils of £3m. The project covers an area broadly bounded by the A50 (Groby Road), the A6 (Loughborough Road) and the A46 (Western bypass) where significant housing growth is planned.

The proposals to improve conditions for road safety and traffic flows along the A50 include:

  • County Hall roundabout including signals and pedestrian and cycling crossing facilities.
  • New Parks Way roundabout including revised signals and pedestrian and cycling crossing facilities.
  • Outer Ring Road between the A50 and Aikman Avenue including lane widening and improved crossing facilities.
  • New off road cycle provision on the A50 between County Hall Roundabout and the junction with Blackbird Road
  • Provision of an outbound bus lane  on the A50 from Gallimore Close to a point near Oakfield Avenue, utilising the nearside lane (currently used for parking).


Why your views matter

We are continually assessing current network performance, calculating future demands and designing the best transport solutions that will make best use of the existing road network for all road users.

The highway improvement works will provide new traffic signals and additional and improved traffic lanes at the County Hall (Station Road) and New Parks Way roundabout junctions. Improvements will also be made to the Aikman Avenue junction with New Parks Way. This will help to improve traffic, bus, cycle and pedestrian flows through these busy junctions.

Proposals also include an outbound bus lane on the A50 Leicester Road between Gallimore Close and Oakfield Avenue making use of the existing service lane, operating for 24 hours 7 days per week.

New and improved off-road cycle paths are proposed on the A50 between the County Hall Roundabout and the Blackbird Road junction. Existing Pelican crossings along these lengths will be converted to toucan crossings allowing pedestrians and cyclists to cross.

Before beginning the consultation - please take a look at the scheme proposals (A larger pdf copy is available for download at the bottom of this page).



We are consulting on the proposals and would be pleased to receive comments and feedback ahead of the closing date of Monday 5th January 2015. The online questionnaire and copies of detailed plans are below.

What happens next

The summarised results of the consultation on the proposals will be reported to the City Mayor and the County Council Cabinet anticipated in March/April 2015, when a final decision on the proposals will be made and posted on the above web site. Should the improvements be approved for construction we will write again with details of the construction programme and contacts for any construction related questions.


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