Westcotes Resident Parking Consultation

Closed 29 Mar 2013

Opened 4 Mar 2013

Feedback updated 26 Sep 2013

We asked

For views (in support or against) the introduction of an extension to the existing residents' parking scheme in the Westcotes Ward

You said

Overall a combined total of 572 on-line and postal responses were received, with 53.4% of respondents indicating that they were in favour of a scheme.

We did

The City Council has decided to extend the existing scheme as an experimental scheme so that changes can be made in response to any issues that may arise.

Results updated 11 Jun 2013

The consultation involved over 2,500 leaflets being delivered to every home and business in the area.

From those who gave their views, just over 53 per cent were in favour of a scheme, with just under 38 per cent opposing a scheme. The remainder of responses were undecided, anonymous or from outside the consultation area.

Concerns were raised about match day parking and ensuring there was enough short-term parking for visitors and shoppers in the area.

There will now be further consultations with businesses, places of worship and community groups to ensure that any concerns or requirements are addressed.

The scheme is due to be introduced on an experimental basis from October, which would allow it to be modified if and when needed, before it can be made permanent.

The pdf documents below show a table of the responses and a map with the area affected



Leicester City Council is currently undertaking a consultation with residents and businesses in the Westcotes area about a residents parking scheme.  The consultation is targeted directly at residents and businesses in the area and as such those outside of the area affected are not being asked to take part.

If you are a resident or business in the area but have not received an invitation - then please contact us using the details listed for information on how to take part.

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Since the introduction of the Westcotes Residents' Parking Scheme, the City Council has received two petitions and a number of other requests from residents in the surrounding areas to extend the scheme, as they are finding it increasingly difficult to park.

Noel Street - there have been numerous requests to ensure that residents of the street are able to park

A residents' parking scheme creates a parking zone where most of the spaces are reserved for permit holders.  The scheme would operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  Parking attendants working for the City Council would patrol the area to make sure cars parked there have permits.  Cars without permits would be fined £70.  Provision would be made for shoppers and vehicles essential to the running of existing businesses in the area as part of this scheme.

What does the scheme do?

  • It discourages illegal parking in the area.      
  • It makes sure that most of the existing parking spaces are for the use of permit holders and their visitors.
  • It stops commuters parking in the area.
  • It limits the number of permits to one permit per driver resident in the area.
  • Allows loading and unloading to take place.


What doesn't the scheme do?

  • It does not increase the number of parking spaces or create new parking spaces.
  • It does not provide you with a space directly outside your house or business.
  • It does not limit the number of permits one household can buy.


The scheme would be similar to the existing Westcotes scheme, and would free up spaces for people who live locally or who are visiting local businesses and shops because commuters would not be allowed to park in the area.  Limited waiting or cheap pay and display bays would be available throughout the area for visitors to shops, businesses and community centres.

Paton street - an area that now has a resident parking scheme.  It is the intent that by having a scheme that covers the streets in question - the impact on the street parking will have the same effect.

For further details please take a look at the document available for download below entitled 'Information Sheet for Westcotes Residents Parking'.

Why we are consulting


This consultation is being carried out to determine if there is sufficient support in these areas for the City Council to extend the residents parking scheme.

Barclay Street is one of the many streets that has a high volume of street parking by non-residents.  Should there be a residents parking scheme?


The consultation is targeted at all residents and businesses in the area of mainly terraced streets, between Narborough Road and Fosse Road South and from Hinckley Road in the north to the railway line in the south.  This also includes the mainly terraced streets surrounded by Upperton Road, Narborough Road, the railway line and Western Road. 

The map below shows the suggested targeted area for participating in this survey.  If you need to see it in closer detail then it is downloadable in pdf at the bottom of this page.


What happens next

The results of this consultation will be used for the City Mayor to decide, in consultation with Ward Councillors, whether or not there is sufficient support in all or part of the area of streets surrounding the existing scheme, to start the statutory process for implementing a residents parking scheme there.


  • Westcotes


  • Children and young people
  • Working-age people
  • Older people
  • Carers
  • Full-time and part-time workers
  • Disabled people
  • Older households (65+)
  • Single people
  • Families with children, including lone parents
  • Couples
  • All households
  • Faith groups
  • Sports clubs
  • Youth clubs
  • Carers' network
  • Trade unions
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Community organisations
  • Self-help groups
  • User groups
  • Third sector infrastructure groups
  • All Voluntary and Community Organisations
  • Advocacy organisation
  • Police
  • NHS
  • FE colleges
  • Universities
  • Schools
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  • All Public and Private Organisations
  • Directors
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  • Professionals
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