Western Park Residents Parking Scheme Info

Closed 9 May 2014

Opened 14 Apr 2014

Feedback Updated 15 Oct 2014

We Asked

The area of Western Park Ward that was consulted is shown on the attached plan, Western Park Consultation Areas. The consultation was carried out in order to determine the extent of support in an area of Western Park Ward for the introduction of a residents’ parking scheme. This was in response to a number of requests that the City Council had received from the area A on the attached plan, asking for the existing experimental scheme in Westcotes Ward to be extended. Consultation exercises were also carried out in areas B, C and D also shown on the plan. This has ensured residents who could be affected by further displacement if a scheme was introduced in Area A have had the opportunity to consider extending the residents' parking scheme to cover these areas as well as Area A. The consultation ran from Monday 14th April to Friday 9th May 2014

You Said

The consultation showed that there was strong support for a scheme in the area of terraced streets surrounded by Westcotes Drive, Sykefield Avenue, Upperton Road and Fosse Road South (Area A) for the introduction of residents parking and the City Council will now introduce a residents’ parking scheme in this area. Areas B and C were against the introduction of residents’ parking and there was limited response and support from Area D for a scheme. No action is presently proposed for these areas.

We Did

The proposed residents’ parking scheme will be introduced as an experimental Traffic Regulation Order in Area A. The scheme is in line with those operated elsewhere in Leicester City. Work has began on the scheme which will take place on October 19, and then from October 26-30, in time for the scheme to come into effect on November 17. More information about this development is available here - http://news.leicester.gov.uk/newsArchiveDetail.aspx?Id=3347

Results Updated 15 Oct 2014

Results available in the attachments below.

Further info on current work is available here:




Leicester City Council is considering extending the existing Westcotes Experimental residents’ parking scheme.

The area affected by this is shown in the image below or alternatively download the pdf at the bottom of this page.

Further information and an FAQ about the scheme is available to download as a pdf entitled 'Information sheet western park' .

This page is for information purposes only.  The consultation is open to residents of the affected area only.

Why We Are Consulting

Since the Westcotes Experimental scheme has been in operation, the City Council has received a number of requests from residents of the Western Park Ward to extend the existing parking scheme for residents in the areas of streets west of Fosse Road South who are finding it increasingly difficult to park due to displacement parking from the scheme. 





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