Older Persons Mental Health Day Service Consultation

Closed 9 Jun 2013

Opened 11 Mar 2013

Feedback updated 24 Oct 2013

We asked

We asked you to give us your views on the proposal put forward by the Council on the future of its Older Persons Mental Health Day Centres; Martin House and Visamo. The proposal was to stop running both day centres due to the fall in numbers attending and the increasing cost of running the services.

You said

The majority of people, who responded either through 1:1 meetings, completing a questionnaire or at focus group meetings, said they did not want the centres to close, but understood why the Council was proposing closure. The main concern was about what people would do if the centres closed.

We did

A report with recommendations and the consultation findings was prepared for the City Mayor and his Executive Team to make a decision on the future of both day centres. The final decision taken was to close both day centres and support the 24 individuals still attending the day centres to find alternative services to meet their needs.


The Council is changing the way we deliver adult social care services to give people more choice in the type of care and support they receive. This is being introduced throughout the country as part of national policy and is sometimes called ‘personalisation’. People are now receiving personal budgets as a way of meeting their support needs.  A personal budget is money given by the council to people so they can arrange support to meet their needs. As people now have more choice, we are starting to see some changes in Leicester.

Why we are consulting

The number of people who are attending the day services is falling and it is becoming difficult for the council to run them. Approximately 35 people in total attend the two services every week.  As numbers are dropping it is becoming more expensive to provide the service.  It is cheaper for people to buy a place in day care provided by the independent and voluntary sector. There are also lots of other activities going on in the community which people can access with support.

 We want to find out what people think about the following proposal for change:

 “The council is proposing to stop running Martin House and Visamo.                           After the consultation, and if the proposed change was agreed, a social worker from the council would review the needs of people affected and would support them to find other services that suit them.”


 Who are we asking?

We are inviting comments on the proposal from people who attend the day services, their carers, families and friends, and other interested parties.

In addition to this we are setting up three focus group meetings at Martin House and Visamo so that we can talk through the proposal with service users, their families/carers or friends in more detail.



You can give your views on the proposals for change by:

  • Posting a comment on the council’s website using the on-line survey below (deadline 9th June 2013)
  • Writing to the council at: 


                  OPMH Consultation, Leicester City Council

                  Transformation Team, B8 New Walk Centre

                  Leicester, LE1 6ZG



For a report on the results of this consultation, please see the Consultation Executive Report below.

Please be aware that documentation presented on this page act only as a historic record.  For current documentation please refer to the Adult Social Care section of the Leicester City Council website.

What happens next

A report will be written based on the what people have said about this proposal. This will be available in the summer (2013).

The city mayor and his team of assistant mayors will then consider the findings of the consultaiton and decide whether change is needed. We will keep you informed about this.


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