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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We asked for your views on the proposed 20mph zone for the Charnor Road area.

You Said

We received one response to the online consultation from outside the consultation area. This was against both the proposed 20mph speed limit and the proposed traffic calming.

A paper consultation was also delivered directly to local residents. We had 173 responses to this, representing a 20% response rate. Of these responses, 160 people (92%) were in favour of the 20mph speed limit and 145 (84%) were in favour of the proposed traffic calming.

We Did

As a result of the support for the proposal, the city mayor has approved implementation of the scheme which is scheduled to come into force in February 2017.

We Asked

We asked for your comments and level of support for our proposed Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), which would give police additional powers to enforce restrictions, and in some cases make arrests.


You Said

There were 658 respondents.

79% knew what NPS were.

66% had had an experience with someone they suspected of using NPS.

77% thought NPS were an issue in Leicester.

38% had experience of both individuals and groups using NPS.

11% said their families had been affected by NPS.

Specific problems experienced were:

  • 65% littering
  • 57% poor health
  • 55% intimidation
  • 52% mood swings
  • 49% noise
  • 49% verbal abuse
  • 47% physical abuse
  • 31% vulnerability.

50% experienced problems with NPS every day.

89% thought more public awareness was needed.

88% thought more could be done to prevent people from using NPS.

86% supported the use of a citywide NPS Order, which would give the police additional powers to deal with problems caused by NPS.


We Did

We are taking into account the 86% support for a citywide NPS Order as we consider a decision.

We Asked

We asked for people’s views on the way that we provide neighbourhood services in the north east area of the city. Our proposals included changing the way that we use community buildings to deliver services. The proposals were drawn up following a previous engagement exercise where we asked for more general views on what neighbourhood services might look like in the future.

You Said

You said that there is good support for some of our proposals, including making improvements to Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre, keeping Thurnby Lodge Youth and Community Centre and developing community access to Hamilton Library. That community groups need training, guidance and support so that they understand what is expected of them if they decide to take over the day-to-day running of community buildings. That there are strong concerns about the proposals for moving Belgrave Library into Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre at this time. That there are concerns about changing lunch club provision at Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre. That there are concerns about amalgamating services into one of the two buildings at Rushey Mead. That alternative suggestions should be investigated for the two buildings in the Netherhall area. That there are concerns around the consequences for existing groups, if centres change to be managed by outside organisations rather than by the council.  That there are concerns with regard to increased travel distance for some customers where services are moved to other centres.

We Did

The proposals have been updated following consultation. Proposals mean that services provided in the north east area of the city are protected. Several buildings in the area will have a new future providing a wider range of neighbourhood services under one roof. Belgrave Library will not move into Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre at this time. We will provide support sessions for community organisations to advise them on how to develop a business case if they wish to take over the running of an available building. We will review the need to undertake further consultation to explore alternative suggestions made with regard to community buildings at Netherhall. Plans are being developed for all of the buildings that are no longer required for community use. This means that they will not remain empty, but will either be reused, or they will be demolished so that the land can be used for housing development, or ownership of the building will be transferred to another group or organisation. The council will work with existing groups to ensure that their needs are considered when any changes in the arrangements for the management of buildings are agreed. After these proposals have been considered by the council’s scrutiny committee an executive decision will be made.