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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

Contracts for sexual health services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland end on 31 December 2018. To see what new services should offer we carried out a consultation asking the people who use the services about their feelings towards a number of possible changes to the service.

  • 177 questionnaires were completed from people from Leicester.
  • 23% of the questionnaires were from people under 25.
  • Issues for those under 25 were a little different from everyone else, with young people liking online services more than a phone service.
  • The people who filled in the questionnaire were not as diverse as the population of Leicester, and so the questionnaire was reopened to get more responses from people from BME backgrounds.

You Said

Generally people liked the idea of an online appointment booking service, having a mix of pre-booked appointments and a ‘turn up and wait’ service, being able to access advice services online and by phone, being able to order self-test kits for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) online, and being able to use self-service machines to get sexual health products such as condoms.

People from Leicester had three main questions/issues were about the services.

  1. People wanted to know they would have enough information about how to use the STI self-testing kits and also wanted a way to make sure the tests are trustworthy.
  2. People wanted to make sure the self-service machines would be in discreet spaces.
  3. People wanted to know that the self-testing kits and self-service machines would only be used by the right people, and not people who are vulnerable or young.

We Did

  1. We will create video instructions on how to use tests. The videos will be on the sexual health services website and on the self-service machines. The STI testing kits will all be up to national quality standards showing they are trustworthy.
  2. The location of self-service machines will be thought about carefully, and will be chosen to make sure they are in discreet areas. This will include in the reception area of the new service.
  3. Before getting self-testing kits, people will need to fill in a questionnaire online with information including their name and date of birth. After doing this, users will be directed to the most appropriate service. Young or vulnerable people would be directed to appointments with a member of staff.

We Asked

We proposed a 20mph zone within the Evington village area.

You Said

28 responses were received to the online consultation.  
19 were within the consultation delivery area. 14 of these were included in the consultation figures after duplicates were disregarded.
Nine were from outside the consultation delivery area.
We also carried out a paper consultation to residents in the area.
873 letters were delivered. 282 replied (including 14 via the online consultation) which was a 32% response rate. (some replied by letter and online consultation, and only the letter was counted. Some replied by online consultation more than once. Only once was counted).
238 (84%) were in favour of the proposed 20mph zone, 40 (14%) against and 4 (2%) were unsure.
174 (62%) were in favour of the proposed traffic calming, 98 (35%) against and 9 (3%) were unsure.
Of the 9 online consultation replies outside the area, 6 (67%) were in favour and 3 (33%) against the proposed 20mph zone. 4 (44%) were in favour of the proposed traffic calming in the area and 5 (56%) were against.

We Did

As a result of the support of the proposal, the City Mayor has approved the implementation of the scheme which is scheduled to come into force during February  2018.

We Asked

We put forward a range of proposals for changes to a number of services commissioned from the voluntary and community sector.

You Said

There were 356 responses to the survey giving a wide range of views. Many respondents provided comments and/or alternative proposals.

We Did

Some providers said they would like more information about the proposals, and more time in order to respond to the consultation. We are analysing the consultation feedback and considering the next steps for the review in the light of the feedback. We will provide further information about the next steps in the review as soon as possible.