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Featured Consultations/Surveys

Open Consultations/Surveys

  • Hastings Road Day Centre consultation

    Leicester City Council runs a specialist day service for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Hastings Road Day Centre was opened in 2005 and operates Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 5pm. This service currently supports 21 people but there are spaces for up to 30... More

    Closes 17 February 2023

  • Leicester Local Plan – Publication Draft 2020–2036 Consultation

    The urban area of Leicester is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, with a uniquely diverse population of about 650,000. The National Planning Policy Framework requires local planning authorities such as Leicester City Council to support sustainable development and to plan positively... More

    Closes 27 February 2023

  • St Marks area improvements survey

    Leicester City Council have been carrying out work to improve the St Marks area of the city. A considerable amount of work has already taken place to improve the local environment around estate, including clearing fly tipping, dealing with pests, dealing with ASB hotspots and providing extra... More

    Closes 28 February 2023

  • Evington SSHN follow up survey

    The Evington Safer Streets Healthier Neighbourhoods scheme introduced a new one-way on Gamel Road and experimental road closures on Davenport Road, Newhaven Road and Greystone Avenue. Responses to this survey will help us gain a better understanding of how much impact the scheme has had on... More

    Closes 28 February 2023

  • Sexual health services review

    Leicester City Council needs to procure the next sexual health services contract to begin on 1 April 2024. The current sexual health contract is jointly commissioned by Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and Rutland County Council, and ends on 31 March 2024. The next contract... More

    Closes 12 March 2023

Closed Consultations/Surveys

  • Workplace Parking Levy reference copy

    Please note that the workplace parking levy consultation is now closed and this copy of the questionnaire is for reference purposes only. Any responses submitted via this link will not be considered. Original consultation overview It is clear that if the council is to meet... More

    Closed 31 January 2023

  • Ash Field Academy Residential Provision

    Ash Field Academy provides education and support to children and young people between the ages of 4 and 19 years of age, who have complex health and medical needs. All pupils have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). The school has capacity for 160 pupils and currently provides... More

    Closed 9 January 2023

  • Home care review

    We are currently reviewing the way we provide care to people in their homes. Our plan is to recommission services based on the outcome of this review. To help us, we’d like to hear from anyone in Leicester who receives home care, or anyone who looks after... More

    Closed 2 January 2023

  • Bowel Cancer Screening Survey

    This survey looks at why people carry out bowel cancer screening tests (and why some people don't). Your responses and comments will help us gain a better understanding of why bowel cancer screening uptake is low in some parts of the of the city. More

    Closed 31 December 2022

  • How Are You, Leicester?

    How are you, Leicester? The last two years have had a big impact on the physical and mental health and wellbeing of many people in Leicester. As well COVID-19, there are many other issues affecting our communities, some of which have been made worse by the pandemic. So, we would like to ask... More

    Closed 31 December 2022

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We consulted on our proposal to extend existing Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) for three elements of dog control in the city:

  1. Dog fouling
  2. Dogs on leads
  3. Dog exclusion areas

We asked the public and stakeholders if they had any objections to the proposal and provided an opportunity to leave feedback.

You said

337 responses were submitted. Nearly 99% of respondents were members of the public.

In summary, the responses were highly in support of extending all three PSPOs, as follows:

  1. Dog fouling - 95% in favour
  2. Dogs on leads - 91% in favour
  3. Dog exclusion areas - 88% in favour

Additional supportive stakeholder feedback was also received outside of this online process.

We did

All comments have been scrutinised and noted.

The evidence from reports and complaints to our customer services team, and enforcement action taken since the PSPO orders were introduced is in support of them being extended.

We now intend to seek approval from the city mayor to extend the PSPO orders for a further three years. Subject to this approval, notices will be posted in November 2022 confirming reintroduction, and we will publish the renewed orders on our website.

We asked

We sought views on the proposed intordution of a new Zebra crossing

You said

15 valid responses were received to the online consultation. 
We also carried out a paper consultation to residents close to the proposed crossing and traffic calming
40 letters were delivered. 17 replied (plus 15 online consultation replies)
25 (78%) were in favour of the proposed zebra crossing and associated traffic calming, 5 (16%) against and 2 (6%) made no selection.

We did

As a result of the support of the proposal, the Deputy City Mayor has approved the implementation of the scheme. Work was due to start on site in October 2022 and has now been completed.

We asked

We asked residents and businesses for their views on a potential resident parking scheme in the Woodgate area. We also asked for views on following options for residential parking: 

  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • 24 hours a day, weekdays
  • 8am-6pm, weekdays
  • Weekends

You said

90 responses in total were received from residents and businesses. Amongst other comments:

  • 44 responses selected 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • 16 responses selected Weekend
  • 12 responses selected Other
  • 7 responses selected 8am-6pm, weekdays
  • 3 responses selected 10.30-11.30am, weekdays
  • 3 responses selected 24 hours a day, weekdays
  • 33 responses were against the introduction of residential parking in the area.

We did

All comments have been scrutinised and noted. We now intend to carry out a consultation for the 24 hours a day, seven days a week residential parking scheme, which was the most popular option.