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Open Consultations/Surveys

  • St Matthews improvements

    The Neighbourhood Housing Team and local Tenants and Residents Association have carried out a number of consultations in recent years to seek St Matthews residents' views on what is good or bad about where they live. Having identified what the issues and priorities are, we have worked with... More

    Closes 9 May 2021

  • Fosse and Slater Primary Schools revocation notice 14 April 2021

    Part 1 In accordance with School Organisation (Prescribed Alterations to Maintained Schools) (England) Regulations 2013, Leicester City Council is proposing to revoke a previous decision to make prescribed alterations to Fosse Primary School, Balfour Street, Leicester, LE3 5EA. Part 2... More

    Closes 12 May 2021

  • Ellesmere College reorganisation notice 14 April 2021

    Re-organisation of Ellesmere College Notice is given in accordance with The School Organisation (Prescribed Alterations to Maintained Schools) (England) Regulations 2013 that Leicester City Council intends to make prescribed alterations to Ellesmere College, Braunstone Lane East, Leicester, LE3... More

    Closes 12 May 2021

  • Nether Hall reorganisation notice 14 April 2021

    Notice is given in accordance with The School Organisation (Prescribed Alterations to Maintained Schools) (England) Regulations 2013 that Leicester City Council intends to make prescribed alterations to the Nether Hall Special School Keyham Lane West LE5 1RT with effect from 1st September 2021.... More

    Closes 12 May 2021

  • Community Opportunity Services

    Leicester City Council runs a number of community opportunities / day care / short break services for adults aged 18 and over. We would like to hear your views and experiences of using these services, to help us to review and improve the services we currently offer. Please be reassured... More

    Closes 14 May 2021

Closed Consultations/Surveys

  • Covid-19 vaccination form (Personal Assistants and Agencies)

    This form is designed for social care workers and Personal Assistants wishing to book a Covid-19 vaccination appointment. To be eligible, you must work as a paid Personal Assistant and social care workers (agency or independently employed). The information you provide will be kept in... More

    Closed 26 April 2021

  • Withdrawal of statutory notice

    12 April 2021 Slater Primary School and Fosse Primary School A statutory proposal was published on 23 November 2020 to revoke the previously proposed closure of Slater Primary School and the expansion of Fosse Primary School. The proposal hasn’t been determined and has now been... More

    Closed 16 April 2021

  • Digital poverty - online call for evidence

    Technological developments and digital services are transforming the way we live and work. However, digital poverty - the inability to use IT, either due to the lack of access to IT equipment, or the lack of digital skills - remains an issue for millions of people across the UK. The LLEP... More

    Closed 15 April 2021

  • Recycling Centres

    Leicester City Council needs to ensure that our recycling centres at Freemen’s Common and Gypsum Close are fit-for-purpose and able to meet the needs of our residents, including coping with housing and population growth. With this in mind, we are gathering information about how people use... More

    Closed 11 April 2021

  • Leicester Museums & Galleries survey

    We are carrying out market research to gain insights into people’s views of our services at the city's museums and galleries. These include: Abbey Pumping Station Belgrave Hall Jewry Wall King Richard III Visitor Centre Leicester Guildhall Leicester Museum &... More

    Closed 14 February 2021

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We asked for views on the proposed Egerton Avenue area 20mph speed limit.

You said

Three valid responses were received to the online consultation, each of which were within the consultation delivery area.

We also carried out a paper consultation to residents in the area covered by the 20mph speed limit - 291 letters were delivered.

In toal, 84 people replied (29% response rate).

75 (89%) were in favour of the proposed 20mph speed limit, 8 (10%) against and 1 (1%) made no selection.

We did

As a result of the support of the proposal, the City Mayor has approved the implementation of the scheme which is scheduled to come into force in Spring 2021.

We asked

We asked for your views on our draft  ‘Social Care and Education Participation Approach’ which outlines the department’s commitment to creating opportunities for children and young people to share their views on matters affecting them and details how this should be approach.

The approach is framed on the Lundy Model to ensure that children and young people recognise their rights and that their voices are heard.

You said

A total of 62 surveys were completed and returned: 69% respondents identified as professionals, 24% identified as young people and 7% as other. 

15 young people completed the online survey. Of those, just over half suggested they had participated in decision making before and all but one of the young people felt that opportunities to participate are important. All the young people who responded felt the approach would provide more participation opportunities.

Young people reported that the approach document seemed effective and versatile and commented on the clear layout and colourful readability of the document. They also noted that the approach is inspiring and that it would encourage young people to make decisions. 
Three professionals who do not work with children and 40 professionals who do work with children completed the survey. All who answered felt that the approach makes sense and is clear and the majority (95%) thought that the approach helped them to understand what a good participation opportunity looks like. Professionals noted that the approach is young person centred and has clear and concise language.

People also appreciated the use of symbols throughout the document. The feedback received indicated that it was useful to have a framework and to look at different levels of participation.
91% of professionals agreed that they could apply the Lundy model to their work with young people and over three quarters suggested they would use the template provided. Those who didn’t indicated this is due to the amount of time required to fill it in, the fact that they already use other forms or that their role wouldn’t necessitate it.

100% of the professionals recognised that opportunities to participate are important and they also all noted that they understood their duty to support participation under Article 12.
Just 7% of respondents self-identified as neither a young person nor a professional. This included one person who is a member of the public, one person who is a care leaver and another who is an admin worker working in children’s centres. They commented that the approach is interesting and but identified some concerns that there is not enough money or staff capacity to support the true participation. One person suggested that consideration needed to be given to how to engage with young people in ethnic minority communities. 

We did

We amended the approach document to include direct quotes from people who responded to the consultation and introduced it as our formal approach. Training is supporting the roll out of the approach to staff.

We asked

We sought residents’ views on the proposed 20mph zone.

You said

Residents of 1,226 properties in the area were consulted. 265 (22%) responded and of these 236 (89%) are in favour of the proposed 20mph speed limit.

We did

As a result of the support of the proposal, the City Mayor has approved the implementation of the scheme.