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Open Consultations/Surveys

  • Heritage Action Zone survey

    High Street Heritage Action Zone is an Historic England initiative which aims to "…unleash the power in England's historic environment to create economic growth and improve quality of life in villages, towns and cities". To simplfy things, we will refer to High Street Heritage Action Zones... More

    Closes 8 August 2021

  • Franklyn Fields new public open space consultation

    Leicester City Council is currently preparing plans to create a new public open space in 2021, to the south of Conaglen Road / Franklyn Road, alongside the new housing development currently taking place. The site would be kept as a large nature area, with a new entrance path... More

    Closes 13 August 2021

  • Bera

    The Best Endeavours, Reasonable Adjustments (BERA) framework is a guide to mainstream inclusive support and practice within schools. It contains a range of documents that let schools know what they must do to meet the needs of children and young people with a learning disability, social and... More

    Closes 22 August 2021

  • Live Well stop smoking service survey

    As a current (or former) user of the Live Well stop smoking service, we would like to hear your views on how we can improve the service. Please click the link below for our short survey. More

    Closes 31 August 2021

  • Personal assistants vaccination form

    Vaccination for personal assistants Leicester City Council is collecting information on vaccination uptake for personal assistants. Please use this form to let us know your vaccination status if you are a personal assistant. You can, if you wish, leave your details to receive... More

    Closes 31 August 2021

Closed Consultations/Surveys

  • 20mph Zone - Abbey Mead School

    Leicester City Council is proposed to change the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on the streets around Abbey Mead School. More

    Closed 2 August 2021

  • Safer Streets Healthier Neighbourhoods survey

    Leicester City Council has secured funding from central government to help improve air quality and road safety in local neighbourhoods. One of the key aims of the funding is to reduce road traffic levels in specific areas of the city. To help us decide how this funding can be best used,... More

    Closed 31 July 2021

  • School term and holiday dates 2022-2027

    Please note: this consultation is now closed. We expect to have a decision on further terms dates in September. Term date patterns for Leicester schools have been set up to the end of the 2021/22 academic year. We are now considering school term and holiday dates for 2022/23 through to... More

    Closed 18 July 2021

  • SEN mainstream support

    Mainstream schools in Leicester currently receive additional funding for pupils with specific special educational needs (SEN). The additional funding is paid in two parts: a set amount for each pupil, depending on the individual pupil's needs a school based payment to support... More

    Closed 30 June 2021

  • Key Worker Corridors survey

    Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, Leicester and many other cities created pop-up cycleways and widened footways to provide safe routes for key workers. Leicester City Council has now secured funding from central government to maximise the benefits and help improve air quality and road safety along... More

    Closed 27 June 2021

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We asked for views on the proposed Egerton Avenue area 20mph speed limit.

You said

Three valid responses were received to the online consultation, each of which were within the consultation delivery area.

We also carried out a paper consultation to residents in the area covered by the 20mph speed limit - 291 letters were delivered.

In toal, 84 people replied (29% response rate).

75 (89%) were in favour of the proposed 20mph speed limit, 8 (10%) against and 1 (1%) made no selection.

We did

As a result of the support of the proposal, the City Mayor has approved the implementation of the scheme which is scheduled to come into force in Spring 2021.

We asked

We asked for your views on our draft  ‘Social Care and Education Participation Approach’ which outlines the department’s commitment to creating opportunities for children and young people to share their views on matters affecting them and details how this should be approach.

The approach is framed on the Lundy Model to ensure that children and young people recognise their rights and that their voices are heard.

You said

A total of 62 surveys were completed and returned: 69% respondents identified as professionals, 24% identified as young people and 7% as other. 

15 young people completed the online survey. Of those, just over half suggested they had participated in decision making before and all but one of the young people felt that opportunities to participate are important. All the young people who responded felt the approach would provide more participation opportunities.

Young people reported that the approach document seemed effective and versatile and commented on the clear layout and colourful readability of the document. They also noted that the approach is inspiring and that it would encourage young people to make decisions. 
Three professionals who do not work with children and 40 professionals who do work with children completed the survey. All who answered felt that the approach makes sense and is clear and the majority (95%) thought that the approach helped them to understand what a good participation opportunity looks like. Professionals noted that the approach is young person centred and has clear and concise language.

People also appreciated the use of symbols throughout the document. The feedback received indicated that it was useful to have a framework and to look at different levels of participation.
91% of professionals agreed that they could apply the Lundy model to their work with young people and over three quarters suggested they would use the template provided. Those who didn’t indicated this is due to the amount of time required to fill it in, the fact that they already use other forms or that their role wouldn’t necessitate it.

100% of the professionals recognised that opportunities to participate are important and they also all noted that they understood their duty to support participation under Article 12.
Just 7% of respondents self-identified as neither a young person nor a professional. This included one person who is a member of the public, one person who is a care leaver and another who is an admin worker working in children’s centres. They commented that the approach is interesting and but identified some concerns that there is not enough money or staff capacity to support the true participation. One person suggested that consideration needed to be given to how to engage with young people in ethnic minority communities. 

We did

We amended the approach document to include direct quotes from people who responded to the consultation and introduced it as our formal approach. Training is supporting the roll out of the approach to staff.

We asked

We sought residents’ views on the proposed 20mph zone.

You said

Residents of 1,226 properties in the area were consulted. 265 (22%) responded and of these 236 (89%) are in favour of the proposed 20mph speed limit.

We did

As a result of the support of the proposal, the City Mayor has approved the implementation of the scheme.