Concessionary fares

Closed 24 Jan 2013

Opened 8 Jan 2013

Feedback updated 12 Nov 2013

We asked

We asked current concessionary pass holders and special interest groups for their views on the removal of the pre 9:30 am half price fare for concessionary pass holders. After 9:30 am pass holders would still receive free travel.

You said

202 responses were collected. 50% said that their usage would stay the same and they would pay the full fare, 43% said that they would delay their journey until after 9:30 am and 6% said that they would not travel.

We did

The proposal was rejected after examining the finances and taking on board your responses and comments. It was decided to keep in place the pre 9:30 am half price travel allowance for concessionary travel pass holders.


The government is making substantial cuts to the council's funding.

For more information relating to these cuts, please see the current consultation on Budget Proposals, 2013-2015 on Leicester City Council's Citizen Space consultation hub. The link is at the bottom of this page.

We have therefore drawn up proposals for savings across each department in order to reduce our spending.

We are now inviting views on these proposals.

Why your views matter

 The City Council is preparing its  budget for the years 2013/14 to 2014/15.  We have already planned to reduce our annual spending by £75 million, and we estimate that we will need to make additional cuts of over £50 million per year by 2016.

One of our proposed savings is removing half price bus travel before 9:30 am for older people who are part of the National Concessionary Travel scheme.

We would like your help in completing this assessment to identify the impact of this proposal.

 Who are we asking?

Leicester residents who hold older persons concessionary bus passes and travel before 9:30 am.


You are invited to provide feedback on your use of concessionary travel before 9:30 and the likely impact of proposed changes to the service on you or your family.


  • Abbey
  • Aylestone
  • Beaumont Leys
  • Belgrave
  • Braunstone Park & Rowley Fields
  • Castle
  • Evington
  • Eyres Monsell
  • Fosse
  • Humberstone & Hamilton
  • Knighton
  • Rushey Mead
  • Saffron
  • Spinney Hills
  • Stoneygate
  • Thurncourt
  • Westcotes


  • Older people


  • Travel concessions