Davenport Road 20mph zone

Closed 22 Aug 2018

Opened 24 Jul 2018

Feedback updated 18 Oct 2018

We asked

We asked for views on the proposed introduction of a 20mph zone and other traffic calming measures in the Davenport Road area

You said

11 responses were received to the online consultation
10 were within the consultation delivery area
1 was location unknown
We also issued a paper quastionnaire to residents in the area covered by the 20mph zone
676 letters were delivered. 250 people replied (including 10 online) which was a 37% response rate
212 (85%) were in favour of the proposed 20mph zone, 35 (14%) against and 3 (1%) were unsure
179 (72%) were in favour of the proposed traffic calming, 59 (24%) against and 12 (5%) were unsure.

We did

As a result of the support of the proposal, the City Mayor has approved the implementation of the scheme which is scheduled to come into force early 2019.


Leicester City Council is proposing to introduce a 20mph zone in the Davenport Road area. It will mean changing the speed limit to 20 miles per hour and installing some traffic calming features on Davenport Road.

Download map showing proposed 20mph zone

Download map showing proposed traffic calming measures

Streets potentially affected by the changes include:

  • Bayham Close
  • Beechwood Close
  • Davenport Road
  • Gamel Road
  • Goodwood Crescent
  • Greystone Avenue
  • Harringworth Road
  • Nelot Way
  • Oakside Close
  • Oakside Crescent
  • Skampton Road
  • Sunnyfield Close
  • Walshe Road
  • Westmeath Avenue
  • Withcote Avenue


  • Evington
  • Humberstone & Hamilton


  • All residents


  • Highways
  • Climate change
  • Community safety
  • Cycling
  • Transport