Gambling Policy 2022 to 2025

Closed 7 Nov 2021

Opened 11 Oct 2021


The Gambling Act 2005 requires licensing authorities to publish a statement of policy every three years. The current policy is due to expire in January 2022 and so we are consulting on a replacement policy that will be in effect until January 2025.

Minor amendments have been made to ensure the policy is up to date and reflects current guidance from the Gambling Commission. The policy is otherwise unchanged. 

Why your views matter

The Gambling Policy sets out how we will carry out our responsibilities under the Gambling Act 2005. We want to hear the views of residents, businesses, gambling operators, responsible authorities and other interested parties on the content of the policy for the coming three years.

What happens next

The draft Gambling policy for 2022-25 will be submitted to full Council on 25 November 2021, together with the consultation responses and any relevant comments from officers. The full Council will then approve the policy, which will be published no later than 1 January 2022.


  • All Areas


  • All residents
  • Local charitable organisations, including faith communities
  • Licensed premises
  • Drug and Alcohol services
  • Police
  • Businesses
  • Partner agencies


  • Adult social care and safeguarding
  • Public health
  • Adult social care
  • Children's social care and safeguarding
  • Services for young people
  • Children, young people and families
  • Environmental health
  • Neighbourhood services
  • Public participation
  • Community safety
  • Community cohesion
  • City development and neighbourhoods
  • Local government
  • Tackling worklessness
  • City centre
  • Business and enterprise
  • Tourism
  • Employment and skills