Hackney carriage (taxi) passenger survey

Closed 11 Jun 2020

Opened 14 May 2020


The council currently limits the number of hackney carriage (taxi) licences it issues. We are carrying out a survey to see if we should keep this limit, change it, or get rid of it altogether.

On-street observations of vehicle movements and usage have already taken place, and a survey of the taxi trade is ongoing. We would now like to hear the views of members of the public.

We realise that taxi / private hire vehicle usage is currently very different since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Please answer the survey based on your experiences before the lockdown was introduced (up to March 2020).

What Happens Next

The work on unmet demand is being carried out by consultants who specialise in this type of work and are able to carry out and analyse on-street observations and surveys. The consultants were due to carry out face to face surveys in the city centre but cannot do this due to the coronavirus pandemic. The views expressed in this survey will be passed to the consultants for analysis and inclusion in the final report. No personal details or information will be given to the consultants.


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