Aylestone residential parking permits

Closed 20 Mar 2023

Opened 17 Feb 2023

Feedback updated 20 Sep 2023

We asked

In February / March 2023 we undertook a consultation with residents and businesses in the Aylestone Park area to obtain views on a potential residents parking scheme and new one-way streets.

We asked respondents to give their views on the following options for residential parking: 

  • Do you support the introduction of a residents permit scheme in operation from 1-9pm, 7 days a week?

We also asked residents and businesses for their views on introducing one-way streets in the area to reduce through traffic and help improve safe parking provision.

You said

Approximately 3,630 residential and business properties were invited to take part in the consultation. 817 responses were received on paper and via this website from residents and businesses in the area. Responses were analysed by council officers.

  • 580 residents and business responded ‘No’ to the proposed residential parking scheme (71%)
  • 218 residents responded ‘Yes’ to the proposed residential parking scheme (26.7%)
  • 17 residents selected ‘No opinion either way’ (2.1%)
  • 2 respondents didn’t provide any information on their choice (0.2%)

In addition, respondents included comments both for and against residents parking in the area as well as for the proposed one-way streets. 

We did

The response data and comments have been analysed in more detail prior to determining whether or not to continue with further engagement with residents and businesses over potential measures to manage parking in the area.

Officers found that over 71% of residents and businesses did not give their support to a resident parking scheme in the consultation area, therefore there are no plans for council officers to pursue this scheme further on this occasion. 

There was feedback that was supportive of managing obstructive pavement parking and this will be explored further.

The analysis of the one-way system direction results revealed that there was some interest for those ideas, which will require further review and examination.


Residents’ responses to our 2021 consultation on possible traffic measures in the Aylestone area indicated that there is a degree of support for a residents’ parking zone (RPZ) in areas affected by non-residents visiting the cricket and football grounds. The consultation also indicated general support for additional one-way streets and pavement parking controls across the area.

Based on these consultation responses, we are now consulting on more targeted proposals in the Aylestone area. We would now like to hear your views on these proposals.



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