Cedar Road / Myrtle Road one-way and pavement parking scheme

Closed 31 Dec 2022

Opened 5 Dec 2022


Cedar Road and Myrtle Road are two-way cul-de-sacs in Stoneygate. Both streets are primarily residential, terraced streets containing build outs and kerb-to-kerb speed tables which have been installed to control the speed of traffic. The area is part of a 20mph zone.

Due to the relatively close proximity to the city centre, double yellow line restrictions are in place on both streets, together with resident permit holder parking bays for local residents and visitors. Parking is currently only allowed on one side of each street.

There is an extremely high demand for on-street parking. As a consequence of this, residents have asked the council to consider ways to improve parking availability in the area

Additionally, the existing two-way streets leave little room for vehicles travelling in both directions, which causes tension and frustration between drivers.

The existing build outs with bollards and barriers currently attract significant levels of fly tipping and ward councillors have asked for them to be removed.

The proposal is to convert Cedar Road and Myrtle Road from two-way streets to one-way, and also to install a pavement parking scheme on both roads to increase resident parking options in the area.

The proposed scheme would remove the road block at the intersection of Cedar Road and Myrtle Road, as well as the existing block paved speed humps, bollards and barriers - which would be replaced with tarmac speed humps in the same location as the existing speed tables.

The proposal is to leave the current residents parking scheme in place.

We would like to hear your views on these proposals.


  • Stoneygate


  • All residents
  • Local businesses
  • Local schools


  • Cycling
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