Council Tax - empty properties and second homes

Closed 23 Jan 2024

Opened 13 Dec 2023


There is a shortage of housing in Leicester, which is one of the fasting growing cities in England. As part of preparing our local plan, a need for 39,000 new homes was identified for the period 2020 to 2036. We have around 5,000 households approaching the council each year because they are at risk of homelessness. 6,000 households have applied to the council for housing. In this context, we want to see as many empty homes as possible made available for occupation.

We would like your views on the amount of council tax paid by owners of homes which are left empty for all or most of the time. The Government has introduced new laws allowing us to increase the amounts paid. We are proposing to do this.

A final decision on any increased charges will be made by the Full Council when it sets its budget for 2024/25. This will take place on 21 February 2024. A summary of consultation responses will be made available for councillors at that meeting.


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