Children, Young People and Families Centres

Closed 9 Jun 2024

Opened 13 May 2024


Due to ongoing reductions in government funding, the city council is considering a number of measures to help reduce costs in a bid to meet current and future budgetary requirements. This includes changes to, and possible reduction or withdrawal of, some services (subject of course to legal constraints). This consultation forms part of that process. All service areas are being affected by these budget cuts.

The council's recent Fundamental Budget Review for 2024 requires annual savings of around £2million in the Early Help budget in order to meet the current shortfall in government funding.

Children, Young People and Families Centres (CYPFC) are part of the Early Help service. We are proposing to make changes to the way CYPFC services are delivered in order to help make these savings.

Click the link below for further information about the changes, and the opportunity to let us know how they might affect you and your family. Your comments and views will help us make a decision about how future services are delivered.


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