Proposed changes to adult social care prevention services commissioned from the voluntary sector

Closed 28 Jul 2017

Opened 14 Jun 2017

Feedback updated 29 Aug 2017

We asked

We put forward a range of proposals for changes to a number of services commissioned from the voluntary and community sector.

You said

There were 356 responses to the survey giving a wide range of views. Many respondents provided comments and/or alternative proposals.

We did

Some providers said they would like more information about the proposals, and more time in order to respond to the consultation. We are analysing the consultation feedback and considering the next steps for the review in the light of the feedback. We will provide further information about the next steps in the review as soon as possible.

Results updated 14 Nov 2017

You can download the summary report document below.



The council is proposing a new approach to the way adult social care prevention services are delivered by the voluntary and community sector (VCS). This consultation is intended to find out what people think about our proposals. No decisions have been made at this stage: it is important to us to hear what people think in order to shape the council’s way forward in these areas.

We want to give VCS organisations more flexibility to identify and support people who are most at risk of developing social care needs, and help them to maintain or improve their health and wellbeing. However we also have to make savings because of rising costs and reductions in the amount of money we receive from the government.

The council is therefore making a range of proposals about some of the existing adult social care services provided by the VCS and we would like to get your views.

We are also proposing to create a new adult social care Prevention and Wellbeing Grant Fund, and we would like to hear your views on that as well.

Please read the ‘Information about the proposed changes to adult social care prevention services commissioned from the voluntary sector’ document below before you complete the survey.

As well as this survey, you can also complete a related one on proposed new adult social care Prevention and Wellbeing Grant Fund

Why your views matter

The council wants to do as much as it can to prevent people in Leicester from developing social care needs.

The council buys many prevention services from the voluntary and community sector.

However, social care costs are rising and the government is reducing the amount of money that councils receive.

The voluntary sector has unique strengths in that it is close to communities, often it consists of communities working for themselves. The sector can be very flexible and innovative in understanding people’s needs and responding to them effectively.

We want to make more of the ability of the voluntary sector in prevention. This consultation is about how we do that in the future.

What happens next

Both parts of the consultation end on Friday 28 July 2017. We will provide feedback on the findings on the respective survey page.
We will report the findings to the council’s executive and decisions on both strands are expected to be made in August. 


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