Public Spaces Protection Orders for Dog Control 2022

Closed 31 Jul 2022

Opened 1 Jul 2022

Feedback updated 15 Aug 2022

We asked

We consulted on our proposal to extend existing Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) for three elements of dog control in the city:

  1. Dog fouling
  2. Dogs on leads
  3. Dog exclusion areas

We asked the public and stakeholders if they had any objections to the proposal and provided an opportunity to leave feedback.

You said

337 responses were submitted. Nearly 99% of respondents were members of the public.

In summary, the responses were highly in support of extending all three PSPOs, as follows:

  1. Dog fouling - 95% in favour
  2. Dogs on leads - 91% in favour
  3. Dog exclusion areas - 88% in favour

Additional supportive stakeholder feedback was also received outside of this online process.

We did

All comments have been scrutinised and noted.

The evidence from reports and complaints to our customer services team, and enforcement action taken since the PSPO orders were introduced is in support of them being extended.

We now intend to seek approval from the city mayor to extend the PSPO orders for a further three years. Subject to this approval, notices will be posted in November 2022 confirming reintroduction, and we will publish the renewed orders on our website.


Leicester City Council's currently operates three Public Spaces Protection Orders for Dog Control across the city:

  • Fouling
  • Exclusion
  • Dogs on leads

These grant the council legal powers to take enforcement action in relation to any dog control issues that may occur. The current powers are valid for three years, and are due to expire on 30 November 2022.

We are asking key stakeholders and members of the public for their views on our plans to extend the current Public Spaces Protection Orders for Dog Control for a further three years.


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  • All residents
  • Local businesses


  • Parks and green spaces
  • Environmental health