Franklyn Fields new public open space consultation

Closed 13 Aug 2021

Opened 12 Jul 2021


Leicester City Council is currently preparing plans to create a new public open space in 2021, to the south of Conaglen Road / Franklyn Road, alongside the new housing development currently taking place.

The site would be kept as a large nature area, with a new entrance path from Conaglen Road leading into the site. A detention basin and swale will be constructed by the housing developer, with the areas around these to be kept as grassland areas. A play area for children aged between 2-10 years will also be created.

As a local resident we are keen to hear your views on these proposals.

See below copy of the Franklyn Fields - Proposed Site Development Plan, along with key summary points:

Key Summary Points:

  • The overall design concept for the site is to create a multi-functional site with a distinct emphasis towards preserving the existing wildlife and ecological value of the site.

  • The existing woodland areas will be retained, and a new entrance created through Conaglen Road. A new flood detention basin and drainage swale is due to be constructed by the housing developer which will help manage the surface water run-off from the new houses and road, and there will be a new play area created for 2-10 year olds alongside a small amenity space.

  • The areas to the south of the woodlands will be left to naturalise into semi-rough grass areas that will provide a habitat for wildlife such as butterflies and insects. Where possible there will be habitat wildlife boxes installed through the site that will provide nesting and overwintering opportunities for a number of species.

  • Works will be expected to start alongside the ongoing housing development, sometime in 2021.




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