Groby Road bus lane

Closed 30 Sep 2019

Opened 2 Sep 2019


We are considering the introduction of a bus lane to tackle the issue of a 'bus pinch point' on Groby Road (A50). A pinch point for buses occurs where there is a lot of traffic and/or the road narrows. This leads to traffic slowing down and congestion, causing bus services to be delayed and become unreliable.

The proposed bus lane will be on the city-bound section of Groby Road between Mary Road to Medina Road. As the A50 is a major route for bus services into the city, it is anticipated this will improve reliability and help stabilise bus journey times. The bus lane will be camera enforced.

We also propose an extension to the 30pmh speed limit along this stretch of road to better manage traffic flow and also reduce the number of accidents on Groby Road. This will increase safety for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and residents.


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