Local Validation List consultation 2021

Closed 17 May 2021

Opened 12 Apr 2021


Local Validation List 2021 Review 

The minimum requirements for planning applications are set nationally. However, these basic guidelines do not set out clearly all the other documentation that will be required to fully assess proposals.

This can lead to delays as the council has to ask for further documentation and application details after the validation stage when the publicity, and consultation and assessment period has begun.

To help with this, in common with many other local authorities, Leicester City Council has had a local validation list (LVL) since 2013. This is a checklist of documents that need to be submitted prior to a planning application being validated.

The LVL should be reviewed every two years and was last reviewed in 2018.

The LVL has been designed to help developers when preparing applications for planning permission and other planning consents, by providing clear information as to what should be submitted with each application type.

The proposed LVL for 2021 does not add to any of the basic requirements; however it has been updated to make clearer when criteria based requirements apply.

The document is broken down by application type for quick reference.
The LVL provides checklists outlining requirements for each application type, followed by guidance setting out the type and specific requirements of documents which may need to be submitted in support of any application to the planning authority. Appendices provide further information.

The requirements are listed as
Essential – must accompany all applications of that type
Criteria based – are subject to site/proposal specific constraints

View the complete proposed local validation list 2021 below.

Also, to accompany the LVL 2021, see below a tracked changes version showing the changes from the 2018 list with commentary. 

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