Children and young people living in care

Closed 1 Dec 2019

Opened 7 Oct 2019

Feedback updated 28 Feb 2020

We asked

We asked your views on our draft placement sufficiency and its aims and priorities.

You said

In total, 66 surveys were completed and returned. The majority of responses were received by staff (41%) or foster carers at Leicester city (30%). Comments were also received from providers in the city and a single foster carer from an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA). Notably, 8% of our responses were from children currently or previously in care.

  • 88% of all respondents supporting the aims and ambitions identified in the strategy.
  • 46% of respondents said we currently have the right mix of homes for our young people, 27% said they didn’t know or wasn’t sure and 23% didn’t respond.
  • 77% of respondents said they were aware of the demands and challenged placed on the local authority in finding suitable homes.
  • Collectively 74% agreed with our priorities and actions for the next 3 years for each area of work: foster care, residential care, support living and commissioning, 6% disagreed and 20% were unsure or didn’t respond.
  • A range of comments were received which: evidenced the need for improvement, informed action planning and delivery and provided examples for working more collaboratively in the future.

We did

We published our final strategy and delivery plan are available online.

This final version incorporates the views of children in care, care experienced young people, staff, foster carers and local providers.

Our plans will now be delivered by relevant services and overseen by the governance structure set out in our strategy. More detailed plans, which include many of the recommendations and comments put forward in this consultation, have been given to relevant departments to continue to improve services going forward.


We believe in supporting all of our children and young people to have a safe place to live and thrive. We recognise that most children and young people are best brought up within their own families, however where this is not possible, we do our best to find a family or a home that best meets their needs and offers the support and opportunities needed for success and happiness in later life.

To meet this vision, we need to have the right home, in the right place, at the right time. Our Placement Sufficiency Strategy sets out our aims and priorities to deliver this.

We are seeking your views on the strategy and its aims and priorities.


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