Putney Road link consultation

Closed 29 Apr 2018

Opened 2 Mar 2018


This public engagement exercise seeks views on the planned improvement works to the Putney Road West / Aylestone Road junction. 

The scheme will create a shorter route for traffic moving from east to west between the Welford Road area and Saffron Lane / Aylestone Road, and will help to relieve congestion on the southern central ring road network, particularly around the Leicester Tigers Football Club ground and the approaches from Welford Road, Aylestone Road and Upperton Road.
This reduction in congestion will improve overall vehicle travel times and air quality - we expect to see an immediate reduction in pollution across this part of the city as the scheme creates shorter routes, more efficient distribution of traffic and shorter journey times. Air quality will be measured before and after construction.
The scheme will also support economic growth by improving access for businesses in the Freemen’s Common Industrial Estate. Access will also be improved to future development in the area, particularly at the University of Leicester.
While the main benefit of the scheme will be improved access for motorists and others using the road network, there will also be an improvement to walking and cycling facilities along Putney Road, making it a more attractive route for users of sustainable transport.
The consultation is designed to understand issues that might arise with this project. A final decision will be made after the consultation. If it becomes clear that the scheme will not achieve its objectives, then the scheme will be reviewed.
Please note that this is a stand-alone project and is not connected with any other road improvement scheme - either currently being considered, or potential future developments that may, or may not, ever take place.



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