Regulation 7 Public Consultation (To Let Boards)

Closed 5 Apr 2023

Opened 8 Mar 2023


Leicester City Council received a number of complaints during the early and mid 2010s in relation to the display of ‘to let’ boards and their effect on the character and appearance of residential areas. 

The council understands the need to advertise properties that are available to rent but was concerned about the large number of ‘to let’ boards for residential properties in some areas and looked at more effective ways of controlling them.

The display of ‘to let’ boards is controlled by national legislation and boards that are on display within the limits of the legislation have ‘deemed consent’.

In 2016, LCC applied to the government to issue a Direction under Regulation 7 of The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007 to remove this ‘deemed consent ’for to let' boards for residential properties in some areas of the city.  

The Direction was issued on 9th February 2018 and covers some streets in the Castle, Knighton, Saffron and Westcotes wards.  It was implemented on 2nd July 2018 and runs alongside an advisory Code of Practice which gives localised guidance on acceptable alternative advertisement.

Since the Direction was implemented, there has been a significant reduction in illegally displayed ‘to let’ boards which has led to an improvement in the appearance of the affected areas.  

The council considers the removal of ‘deemed consent’ coupled with localised guidance on acceptable alternative advertisement to have been successful.

The Direction is due to expire on 1st July 2023 and the council wishes to apply to renew and retain the removal of ‘deemed consent’ in those areas, allowing the council to keep the existing level of control.

Before we do this, we would welcome your views on the renewal of Direction Regulation 7.


  • Castle
  • Knighton
  • Saffron
  • Westcotes


  • Working-age people
  • Older people
  • All residents
  • Carers
  • Full-time and part-time workers
  • Disabled people
  • Local businesses
  • Local schools
  • Local charitable organisations, including faith communities
  • Households within the scheme boundary
  • Parents
  • Volunteers
  • Landowners
  • Women
  • Customers / service users
  • Licensed premises
  • Landlords
  • Private tenants
  • Leicester City Council tenants
  • Older households (65+)
  • Single people
  • Families with children, including lone parents
  • Couples
  • All households
  • Faith groups
  • Sports clubs
  • Youth clubs
  • Carers' network
  • Trade unions
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Community organisations
  • Self-help groups
  • User groups
  • Third sector infrastructure groups
  • All Voluntary and Community Organisations
  • Advocacy organisation
  • Drug and Alcohol services
  • Health services
  • Early years providers (child minders, nurseries, etc)
  • Taxi operators
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • All Public and Private Organisations
  • Service providers
  • Partner agencies
  • Service users
  • Care home residents and their next of kin
  • Allotment holders
  • Walking groups
  • Taxi / HCV / PHV drivers
  • Support providers
  • Floating support providers
  • Landlords


  • Housing
  • Public health
  • Revenues and Benefits
  • Adult social care
  • Planning
  • Highways
  • Climate change
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Refuse collection and disposal
  • Environmental health
  • Allotments
  • Community cohesion
  • Local government
  • Transport
  • Parking