Sexual health services review

Closed 24 Mar 2023

Opened 14 Mar 2023

Feedback updated 28 Sep 2023

We asked

The consultation aimed to find out your thoughts on the current sexual health services model, what works well and what could be better, and what else you think is needed. This was to inform our new service contract, due to commence on 1 April 2024.

We wanted to find out:

  • If we should increase the number of online booking appointments available for the sexual health service
  • How you would prefer to access face to face services
  • If we should increase the amount of online information available.

You said

275 people completed the consultation survey, along with a number of in-person focus groups.

64% of responses answered 'definitely' and a further 17% answered 'possibly' for increasing the number of online booking appointments.

53% of responses were in favour of having a mixture of both drop-in (turn up and wait) and bookable appointments, whilst 32% of responses stated that they would prefer bookable fixed appointments only.

55% of responses answered ‘definitely’ and a further 23% answered ‘possibly’ for increasing the amount of online information available.

We did

The findings from the consultation have been extremely useful in helping to shape the future model of the integrated sexual health service (ISHS) and we have read each and every one of your responses and comments with interest. We would like to say a big thank you to all of those taking part in the consultation.

Although the main purpose of the consultation was to understand what people want and need from their sexual health service in order to inform the specification for the new service, where possible, we have worked with the provider to take immediate steps to improve the current experience.

We have worked with providers to ensure that online appointment booking is made available again as this had had to be reduced or suspended during Covid. As a result, online appointment bookings are now fully operational again and are very popular.

For the new contract we will: Work with our provider to ensure that online booking for appointments is always available, where possible, rather than having to phone up. Where patients do need or want to phone up for an appointment, we are working with the provider on making this a more straightforward and faster process.

Walk-in appointments (sit and wait rather than pre-booked) have also been reinstated by popular demand, and these are up and running again. These appointments tend to be particularly popular with younger people. It was clear from the responses, however, that some people prefer to be able to book in advance, so this option remains available - and is now available again online too (see above).

For the new contract, we will: Ask the provider to ensure a proportion of appointments at the hub and spoke clinics remain pre-bookable, and that there is a straightforward way for people to see what options are available to them when accessing the website or phoning up to make an appointment.

We have spoken to our current providers about updating and adding to the website content. One of the things that was brought up in our face-to-face sessions was a lack of awareness around the availability of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV, a programme for HIV prevention) and how to access it, and this section of the website has been reviewed and updated.

For the new contract, we will: Ensure that clear, accessible information is available in a range of formats, which includes online information. The website will have clear information about sexual health and contraceptive services available and how to access them, as well as clear, reliable information on all aspects of sexual health. The website will have a ‘self-help hub’ which will include:

  • Sexual and reproductive health advice and information
  • A section where people can self-triage to support managing their own care where appropriate, including STI self-testing
  • Online appointment booking where possible
  • Information on access points for things like STI testing and contraception, and including key links to provision offered in General Practice and beyond
  • Clear descriptions of what is on offer for the following areas: sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening and treatment services, free pregnancy testing, contraception, emergency contraception, HIV PEP and PREP, psychosexual counselling, sexual violence, domiciliary services, C-Card
  • Ability to request an interpreter or translator for your appointment
  • There should be automatic appointment booking for three-month post STI testing with a text reminder
  • Signposting to other useful services and sources of help
  • A professionals page for links to those delivering other sexual and reproductive health services such as GPs, pharmacies, public health nursing, maternity.

Visit the website:

The full report on the results of the survey is available on request.


Leicester City Council needs to procure the next sexual health services contract to begin on 1 April 2024. The current sexual health contract is jointly commissioned by Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and Rutland County Council, and ends on 31 March 2024. The next contract will be commissioned solely by Leicester City Council, with Leicestershire and Rutland undertaking a separate process.

We would like to hear your views on potential changes to the services and how they are delivered, so we can ensure they meet the needs of the people who use them.

This consultation is about ‘integrated sexual health services’ in Leicester. This includes both contraception and prevention, testing, and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

These services can be used by anyone, regardless of where they live. However, it should be noted that we are only referring to sexual health services that are available in the city of Leicester.

This consultation does not refer to the HIV treatment and care services that are provided by University Hospitals of Leicester.

This consultation is open to people who access sexual health services, members of the public, staff and partner organisations.

Topics covered by this consultation include:

  • Online appointment bookings
  • Face to face services
  • Vending machines
  • Sexually transmitted infection test kits
  • Phone consultations / advice
  • Clinics
  • Contraception
  • Coils and implants
  • Additional services and community wellbeing champions

You can disregard any questions that are not relevant to you.

Any answers or comments that relate to Leicestershire and Rutland services will be anonymised and passed on to the respective county authorities for their attention.

If you wish to take Leicestershire County Council's consultation survey it is online until 12 March 2023.


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