St Paul’s and West End Conservation Areas

Closed 22 Nov 2021

Opened 8 Oct 2021


We are seeking views on the potential new conservation area in Fosse Ward, named St Paul’s Conservation Area, and the addition of Dulverton Road to the West End Conservation Area. Two draft character appraisals have been prepared to support these proposals, alongside a joint St Paul's and West End Conservation Areas Management Plan. Your comments on any of these documents are welcomed. 

The appraisals and management plan identify what parts of these areas are special in terms of their architectural and historic interest. They tell us what buildings and features are important and should be preserved and enhanced. The management plan helps us to know what the threats to the conservation area are and suggests ways that these can be tackled.

Members of the conservation team will be available to discuss the proposals and draft documents and answer questions at two drop-in sessions at Westcotes Bowling Club and St Paul’s & St Augustine’s Worship Center. Further information can be found at the bottom of the page.



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