Home to School/College Transport Consultation 2012


The City council currently spends a total of £4.5 million per year on home to school/college transport.

Following approval of budget proposals for 2012/13 and 2013/14 the council is required to make reductions in discretionary home to school/college travel provision to achieve savings of £255,000 in 2013/14 and £343,000 in subsequent years.

This consultation covers:

  • Discretionary Transport assistance for pupils who attend voluntary aided schools
  • Discretionary Post 16 transport arrangements
  • Discretionary Post 16 special educational needs transport arrangements


If approved, the changes will take effect from September 2013.

As a result of continued public expenditure constraints it is clear however, that the City council may in the future be required to achieve even more savings in this area. In this event all discretionary provision may be removed. We are also seeking your views about this possibility.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation has been produced to give pupils, students, parents/carers and other people the opportunity to comment on the City council’s proposals for changes to home-to-school/college transport.

Full details of the consultation and proposals can be found in the attached consultation document below.

You can give us your views on this consultation by clicking on Online Survey below. Alternatively you can print the questionnaire attached below and return it to the Freepost address provided.

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Please follow the link below to access the consultation results and decision report



We Asked
to remove discretionary transport for Voluntary Aided and faith based schools from September 2013 and the removal of discretionary transport for Post 16 and Post 16 SEN students from September 2013.
You Said
two thirds did not agree with the VA / faith based transport removal. Three quarters disagreed with the removal of Post 16 transport and four fifths did not agree with the removal of Post 16 SEN transport.
We Did
amended the Post 16 and Post 16 SEN transport so that those currently on a course could still receive free or subsidised transport for a maximum of 2 years.


Cathy Dobb (Head of School Organisation & Admissions) 01162 373 7468

Key Dates

Status: Closed

Ran from 19 Nov 2012 to 14 Jan 2013

Other Information


  • Abbey,
  • Aylestone,
  • Aylestone Park,
  • Beaumont Leys,
  • Belgrave,
  • Braunstone East,
  • Braunstone West,
  • Castle Hill,
  • Charnwood,
  • City Centre and St Andrews,
  • Clarendon Park,
  • Crown Hills,
  • Evington,
  • Eyres Monsell,
  • Hamilton,
  • Humberstone,
  • Latimer North,
  • Latimer South,
  • Mowmacre and Stocking Farm,
  • Netherhall and Thurnby Lodge,
  • New Parks East,
  • New Parks West,
  • Newfoundpool,
  • Northfields,
  • Rowley Fields,
  • Rushey Fields,
  • Rushey Mead,
  • Saffron,
  • South Knighton,
  • Spinney Hill,
  • St Matthews and St Peters,
  • St Saviours,
  • Stoneygate,
  • West End,
  • West Knighton,
  • Western Park


  • Children and young people,
  • Working-age people,
  • Older people,
  • Carers,
  • Full-time and part-time workers,
  • Disabled people,
  • Older households (65+),
  • Single people,
  • Families with children, including lone parents,
  • Couples,
  • All Households,
  • Faith groups,
  • Sports clubs,
  • Youth clubs,
  • Carers' network,
  • Trade unions,
  • Voluntary organisations,
  • Community organisations,
  • Self-help groups,
  • User groups,
  • Third sector infrastructure groups,
  • All Voluntary and Community Organisations,
  • Advocacy organisation,
  • Police,
  • NHS,
  • FE colleges,
  • Universities,
  • Schools,
  • Businesses,
  • All Public and Private Organisations,
  • Directors,
  • Heads of service,
  • Managers, team leaders and supervisors ,
  • Professionals,
  • Service users,
  • Care home residents and their next of kin


  • Schools,
  • Children's social care and safeguarding,
  • Services for young people,
  • Services for younger children and families