St Matthews / St Peters improvements

Closed 5 Jun 2022

Opened 9 May 2022


We have been carrying out work to improve the St Matthews and St Peter’s areas of the city. A considerable amount of work has already taken place to improve the condition of the estates, including clearing fly tipping, dealing with pests and tidying up the green areas and shrubs.

We are now seeking views on some of the more important changes we would like to make. In St Matthews the area we will focus on next is the large courtyard for Lethbridge Close and Edmonton Road. For St Peters we are looking at improving green areas, removing fencing in the central space between the tower blocks and creating more sustainable and managed parking. Initial feedback from the Police has been supportive of the proposed improvements.

Click the link below to view further information, artists impressions of the changes and fly-through videos relating to the proposed changes.

Please note, these plans reflect a vision of what we would like the estates to look like in the future, they are not exact designs of the new courtyards. Your feedback and comments will help us to design the final plans.


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