Article 4 Direction extension

Closed 13 Jan 2022

Opened 18 Nov 2021

Results updated 18 Nov 2022



This consultation is formally known as a 'Review of Article 4 Directions relating to Conversion of Houses (Class C3) to Class C4 Small Houses in Multiple Occupation’

However, we will refer to the Article 4 Direction as A4D throughout this consultation to make things simpler. We propose the introduction of a new A4D in Leicester which, if confirmed, will require planning applications to be submitted for new proposals to convert houses to small scale Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in the areas defined within this consultation.

A4Ds remove the ability of for property owners to convert houses to small HMOs for up to six persons without the need for planning permission. In areas where A4Ds are in force, a planning application will need to be submitted for this form of development.

The proposed new A4D is in areas where existing or future high concentrations of HMOs are considered to be likely to be harmful to the amenity or wellbeing of local residents and communities.

The requirement for planning applications will ensure that the issues and impacts arising from this form of development can be properly assessed. Using associated planning policy, applications can be refused where such development would result in harmful impacts and in order to prevent HMO impacts from getting worse in the defined areas.

The making of A4Ds in identified areas ensures that the residential amenity and wellbeing of communities in those areas are protected through retaining houses in Class C3 use and controlling the concentration of all HMOs and associated impacts.

The proposed A4D meet all relevant legal and national policy criteria.


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  • Local businesses
  • Households within the scheme boundary
  • Landlords


  • Housing