Speech, Language and Communication Strategy consultation

Closed 22 Mar 2020

Opened 10 Feb 2020


The number of children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) in Leicester is above the national average. This strategy sets out how we will support children with SLCN.

A comprehensive online and face-to-face audit was completed in 2019 to better understand the level of support currently available, and also consider future need and demand for SLCN support. Feedback and comments from 400+ staff, 200+ children, young people and parents/carers helped to inform this strategy.

This strategy focuses on what is (and isn't) working well, with an emphasis on low-cost / no-cost change through asking ‘what might be possible?’

Why We Are Consulting

We are seeking views on the vision for support for children, young people (from birth to 25 years) and parents/carers with SLCN and the priorities for action.


  • All Areas


  • All residents
  • Health services
  • Early years providers (child minders, nurseries, etc)
  • Partner agencies


  • Children's social care and safeguarding
  • Services for young people
  • Services for younger children and families