20mph Zone - Somerset Avenue Area

Closed 23 Sep 2019

Opened 31 Aug 2019

Results expected 15 Nov 2019

Feedback expected 17 Jan 2020


Leicester City Council is proposing to change the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on Somerset Anvenue and surrounding streets in the vicinity of Alderman Richard Hallam School.  To help reduce speeds, improve safety and discourage through traffic we are proposing to install traffic calming on Avbury Avenue, Somerset Avenue, and Cheltenham Road.

Why We Are Consulting

The Transport Strategy Section is now consulting residents and other interested parties for their views on the proposed changes.  This consultation will be the basis on which the City Mayor will make his decision on whether to implement the scheme or not.


  • Abbey


  • All residents
  • Local schools
  • All households
  • Schools


  • Public health
  • Schools
  • Highways
  • Climate change
  • Community safety