Aylestone parking

Closed 28 Nov 2021

Opened 18 Oct 2021

Feedback updated 14 Mar 2023

We asked

In October / November 2021 we undertook a consultation with residents and businesses in the Aylestone Park area of the city to obtain views on a potential residents parking scheme, new one-way streets and controlled pavement parking. 

We asked respondents to give their views on the following options for residential parking: 

•    Residents only, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
•    Residents only, for a limited time period.
•    Residents only, during events at the nearby sports grounds
•    No residents parking scheme at all

We also asked respondents to give their views on introducing one-way streets to help improve safe parking provision and to reduce through traffic.

Finally, we asked for views on introducing controlled pavement parking to help improve safe parking provision.

You said

Approximately 4,600 residential and businesses properties were invited to take part in the consultation. A total of 527 responses were received from residents and businesses in the area (paper and online).

Results showed overall support for some form of residents’ parking scheme in the area with 50% for and 46% against. However, there was greater support for an residents' parking scheme in the north of the consulted area impacted by football match parking, and also closer to the cricket ground. These two areas together gave 57% support for and 41% against. There was overall no support for a residents parking zone further away from these sports grounds, with 65% being against any residents parking scheme.

There was a 61% approval for bringing in new one-way streets.

There was a 55% approval for bringing in controlled pavement parking.

In addition, respondents included many comments for and against residents parking in the area. Very few comments were received regarding one-way streets or pavement parking. 

We did

The overall consultation response showed that there is support for some form of residents’ parking scheme in parts of the consultation area. There will now be further consultation by the Leicester City Council in the areas that showed support for such a scheme.

Further consultation will help be to establish clearer support for any scheme and how it might operate.

If any residents’ parking scheme is progressed after further consultation, then controlled pavement parking and new one-way streets will be included as part of the overall design of any scheme. 


A number of traffic issues have been identified in the greater Aylestone area (including parts of the Aylestone and Saffron wards). These include nuisance and dangerous parking, difficulty finding parking spaces (especially during events at the football and cricket grounds), rat running and speeding.

This consultation looks at practical measures that could be introduced to help residents and businesses in the area.



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