Brading Road and Medina Road proposed traffic calming scheme

Closed 9 Dec 2019

Opened 15 Nov 2019

Feedback updated 13 Mar 2020

We asked

Should we inroduce traffic calming measures in the area?

You said

Seven responses were received to the online consultation:

  • Five were within the consultation delivery area
  • Two were in Leicester city

We also carried out a paper consultation to residents in the area:

88 letters were delivered. 39 replied including five by online consultation which was a 44% response rate

31 (77%) were in favour of the proposed traffic calming, 8 (18%) against and 2 (5%) were unsure (including the two responses outside the area).

We did

As a result of the support of the proposal, the City Mayor has approved the implementation of the scheme which is scheduled to be installed in the spring 2020.


Leicester City Council is proposing to install traffic calming on Brading Road and Medina Road to help reduce speeds, improve safety and discourage through traffic. This is in response to a petition received from residents of Brading Road requesting the installation of traffic calming features. Traffic calming on Medina Road is included in the scheme to discourage displaced traffic from Brading Road.

Why your views matter

The Transport Strategy Section is now consulting residents and other interested parties for their views on the proposed changes.  This consultation will be the basis on which the City Mayor will make his decision on whether to implement the scheme or not.


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  • All residents


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