Camera Enforcement of Overdale Infant and Junior School Streets survey

Closes 15 Sep 2024

Opened 5 Jul 2024


School Streets transform roads outside schools by preventing unauthorised vehicles from accessing them at school start and finish times. This allocation of more space to children and families helps improve road safety, encourages healthier lifestyles, and reduces traffic congestion.

The School Street on Northfold Road and Eastcourt Road has been in force since February 2022, and was made permanent in August 2023. The School Street currently operates as a ‘Courtesy Only’ School Street meaning that restrictions on motor vehicle access are recommended but not legally enforced. Therefore, compliance relies on voluntary cooperation from drivers to create a safer environment for children during school start and end times.

Despite the introduction of the restrictions two years ago, there has been an increase in the number of parents driving into the zone. This highlights the need for greater enforcement. 

On 31 May 2022, the Secretary of State for Transport issued a Statutory Instrument Order allowing local traffic authorities outside London to apply to the Government for the power to use traffic enforcement cameras to enforce specific banned maneuvers.

Why your views matter

Leicester City Council has applied to the Government for the necessary powers to issue camera enforcement of the prohibition of driving at the Northfold Road and Eastcourt Road School Street. 

Whilst other areas of the country are already using cameras to enforce their school streets, this will be the first camera enforced School Street in Leicester.  As such, we will be closely monitoring its operation to keep its effectiveness under review.

We would like your opinion on the use of cameras to enforce the School Street during school run times; 8 - 9am and 2:30 - 4pm, Mon-Fri and term time only. Your views on the proposals will help to inform our decision on whether to proceed with the installation of cameras at this site.


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