Safer Streets Healthier Neighbourhoods - Evington

Closed 6 Oct 2021

Opened 17 Sep 2021


Safer Streets Healthier Neighbourhoods (SSHN) is a Leicester project designed to discourage people using local residential streets as shortcuts, reduce speeding and minimise congestion.

Like many other parts of the city, Evington has seen a steady increase in traffic levels over the past ten years. Residential streets in particular have been badly affected, with up to 60% of traffic being ‘through traffic’ and/or part of the school run in some areas such as Davenport Road.

In a bid to tackle the problem, Leicester City Council has secured funding from the Department for Transport to trial new traffic measures which will help reduce speeding, rat running and congestion in the area.

Please use this form if you have any comments on the Evington traffic management scheme.



  • Evington


  • Local businesses
  • Households within the scheme boundary


  • Climate change
  • Community safety
  • Cycling
  • Transport
  • Parking
  • Walking