Gypsy and Traveller Sites Pitch Allocations Scheme Consultation

Closed 14 Nov 2014

Opened 27 Oct 2014

Feedback Updated 14 Jan 2015

We Asked

For views from the gypsy and traveller community in Leicester about changing aspects of the existing gypsy and traveller sites pitch allocations policy. Main changes included changing from a points based scheme to a banding scheme.

You Said

The main concern of the Community is to ensure that some recognition is given to households who have a Leicester connection and that young newly formed households (i.e. 16/17 year olds with dependent children) are allowed to join the waiting list

We Did

Make a minor change is made to the proposed policy which will enable applications from 16/17 year olds with dependent children to be considered under exceptional circumstances to join the waiting list.


What are we seeking to change?

The way vacant pitches are allocated on Leicester City Council’s Gypsy & Traveller Pitch Sites is to be replaced with a system that is clearer, fairer and easier to understand.

Why We Are Consulting

Why are we proposing to change the current policy?

The previous policy on gypsy and traveller pitch allocations has been in place for many years, and although we have made small changes over time, it is a good time to consult on an overall review of the policy especially as we are developing more sites in Leicester.

What are the changes from the old policy to the new policy

The new proposed policy has been drafted to be as similar as possible to that used to allocate social housing.

It will change from a Points Based Scheme to a Banding Scheme. 

Under the new scheme, applicants will have a clear understanding of what happens when a pitch becomes vacant. It describes the circumstances  you need to qualify for each band and how priority is awarded based on the individual's circumstances and needs.

Each applicant will have to provide the same types of information. They will need to verify their identity, include an address for correspondence, and provide relevant information.

All documents will be checked before an offer of a pitch is made to ensure the information is accurate and valid.

The Allocations Panel will also take into account all information and consider any other circumstances to ensure the safe and secure running of the site so that residents can have quiet enjoyment of their pitch and site.  

Who are we consulting with?

We want to seek the views of our residents on Meynell’s Gorse, applicants on the waiting list for pitches and any groups and organisations that have an interest in gypsy and traveller issues in Leicester. We will be writing to all these groups and sending information about our new proposed policy

The proposed policy is attached below.




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