Ashton Green transport improvements

Closed 21 Dec 2015

Opened 23 Nov 2015

Feedback Updated 10 May 2016

We Asked

We asked you about transport improvements to support the Ashton Green development, in particular, proposals for traffic calming, new cycle routes, new speed restrictions and future new bus services. The proposed works related to Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester Road and junction with Greengate Lane and also made reference to the first development parcel of 100 new homes off Leicester Road.

You Said

A minority of respondents stated their outright objection to the Ashton Green development and any form of transport improvements. The comments of the remaining respondents were mainly constructive and raised genuine concerns to be address by the Council during the detailed design stage. Whilst the principle of an extended bus service was well supported it was clear that local residents would like to receive more information as part of further public consultation. Not all residents were supportive of the proposed 20 mph speed restriction.

We Did

As a result of the support for the proposals, the City Mayor has approved the implementation of the scheme with a start on site for the Beaumont Leys Lane cycle improvements scheduled from March 2016. The design concerns raised by residents are being considered in more detail. Further works will follow in 2016/17. The traffic calming and speed restriction proposals will be subject to further consultation through a Traffic Regulation Order process. Further public consultation on the proposed bus improvements will take place later in 2016.


Ashton Green is seen as the most innovative and sustainable new development in Leicester in more than 30 years and will enable substantial progress towards delivering the 20,000 new homes needed in the City over the next 20 years.

Providing highway infrastructure improvements and additional public transport services are key elements of the Council’s commitment to building a more sustainable new community. Furthermore, the early delivery of these proposed works were conditions of the outline planning permission (2014) and necessary to ensure that cycling/walking improvements, traffic calming and speed restrictions are in place before the first new homes are completed.

These proposed improvements are part of a long term phased delivery plan for Ashton Green to ensure that all aspects of supporting infrastructure; highways, public transport, green spaces and community facilities are provided in a timely manner alongside the new development of up to 3,000 new homes.

The highway infrastructure proposals include;

Lane markings to slow traffic speeds at the Bennion Road/Beaumont Leys Lane roundabout and an improved crossing point.

  • Footway widening to create a shared cycle/footway to Beaumont Leys Lane north of Bennion Road and an on carriageway inbound cycle lane.
  • New crossing points, traffic calming measures to the junction of Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester Road and Greengate Lane.
  • 20 mph speed restriction for a 120m length of Leicester Road north of the Greengate Lane junction.
  • New shared cycle/footway on Leicester Road outbound, two new access points for a development site and crossing points within a 20 mph zone.
  • Footway widening to create a share cycle/footway on Leicester Road from the Greengate Lane junction to the A46 bridge.
  • New crossing points and traffic calming measures to the Bevan Road roundabout.
  • New 30 mph speed restriction on Leicester Road between the Bevan Road roundabout and the A46 bridge including traffic calming measures, a northern gateway and new street lighting.


The public transport proposals include the future extension of the existing First Bus service no 26 to include a loop along Beaumont Leys Lane and Leicester Road to the Bevan Road.

The Ashton Green development has already delivered on some of its early planning commitments with a new shared cycle/footway to Bennion Road and improvements to the Beaumont Shopping Centre bus interchange.

Background to the Ashton Green development project can be found at

Why We Are Consulting

The Council wishes to inform local residents of the proposed improvements and gauge the level of support for the design proposals. Feedback and comments will help the Council with prioritising the delivery of the works and influence the final design solutions.

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Letter to Local Residents


What Happens Next

The summarised results of the consultation on the proposals will be reported to the City Mayor in January 2016, when a final decision on the proposals will be made and posted on the above web site. Should the improvements be approved for construction we will write again with details of the construction programme and contacts for any construction related questions.

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