City centre car parking

Closed 22 Apr 2014

Opened 25 Mar 2014

Feedback Updated 30 Jul 2014

We Asked

We asked what you thought about the new proposals for car parking charges and other improvements to car parking in the city centre.

You Said

You were generally in support, but were concerned about charging on Sundays and increasing some all day charges.

We Did

The Action Plan is proposed to be implemented unchanged; the small Sunday charge is necessary to ensure that spaces are available for short stay use and the increases in some all day charges are modest and appropriate.



City centre

car parking

Tell us your views on proposed changes to improve city council car parking provision.


Accessible, affordable car parking of a high standard in the city centre is vital for visitors, residents and businesses. We have already created over 400 new on-street spaces to support the evening economy, opened a new car park next to Phoenix Square and introduced more flexible parking standards for office developments.

We now want to do more and reduce some charges and simplify the number of charges for both on and off-street parking. We intend to make it easier to park in better quality car parks.

We want to find out what you think of our ideas for improving parking provision.

1.    On-street parking

This type of parking is popular particularly for people who make shorter visits to the heart of the city, as well as for longer stays on the edge of the city centre.

Proposed actions

  • Simplify charges for on-street parking, introducing reduced rates of £1 for one hour’s parking in central locations and £1 for two hours further out.
  • Reduce many other charges and make them all whole pounds (i.e. £1, £2, etc.) to simplify payment.
  • Replace pay and display machines with a simpler model, removing the need to enter your registration number.


2.    Surface level car parks

Good quality surface car parks help to supplement on-street parking and provide alternative parking options for people who don’t like multi-storeys.

       Proposed actions

  • Simplify and reduce many charges at council and make them all whole pounds to simplify payment.
  • Introduce reduced charges of £1 for one or two hours depending on location.
  • Install new signage and simpler pay and display machines allowing payment by credit and debit card at all car parks.
  • Plan new surface level car parks at Newarke Street and St Nicholas Circle particularly to support the historic old town and Lanes areas of the city centre.
  • Continue to take action against unauthorised, poor quality car parks on derelict land.


3.    Multi-storey car parks

The majority of city centre parking is provided in multi-storey car parks. The Council operates two of the ten car parks in the city centre – the Haymarket and Newarke Street.

       Proposed actions

  • Introduce a new and simpler structure of charges at council operated multi-storey car parks.
  • Explore opportunities to work with other car park owners to introduce consistency in charges and operation across car parks.
  • Improve the quality of council operated car parks with new signage, more regular cleaning and maintenance.


The complete action plan is available to download at the bottom of the page.

We want to find out what you think about these proposals.

The consultation period will end on 22nd April 2014 after which your views will be considered before a programme of works is announced.



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