Driving up standards - Taxi driver code of conduct / penalty points

Closed 31 Jan 2017

Opened 12 Dec 2016


Taxis are an important part of Leicester's public transport system. Taxi drivers provide a valuable service to tens of thousands of people every year.

Taxi drivers licensed by Leicester City Council sign up to a Code of Conduct. They promise to keep to the Code, keep to licence conditions including undertaking regular checks of their vehicles, and general motoring law.

In December 2015 Leicester City Council set up a penalty points scheme to ensure that standards were maintained and improved.

Please note that this consultation uses the generic term 'taxi drivers', though in law there is a significant difference between hackney carriages and private hire vehicles:

  • Hackney carriages licensed by Leicester City Council must be black, and many are the traditional 'black cab' style. They can be flagged down in the street and can wait on designated taxi ranks. The council sets the maximum fares they can charge. Hackney carriages meet the legal definition of a 'taxi' and so are exempt from some traffic regulation orders, such as bus lanes.
  • Private hire vehicles licensed by Leicester City Council can be any colour other than black. A private hire vehicle must be pre-booked through a licensed private hire operator office before a member of the public can use it for a journey. These vehicles must not ply for hire from a rank or be flagged down in the street. They do not meet the legal definition of a 'taxi' and so cannot use the exemption given to taxis in traffic regulation orders. This means they are not permitted to drive in bus lanes.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation is seeking views from both the public and taxi drivers on the Code of Conduct and penalty points scheme. 



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