Garden waste service customer survey

Closed 26 Sep 2016

Opened 15 Aug 2016

Feedback Updated 10 Feb 2017

We Asked

For your views about how satisfied you were with the garden waste collection service and for the level of support for changing the length of service year beyond March-October.

You Said

1,007 residents responded to the online survey. 96.37% of customers were either fairly or very satisfied with the service.

Of the different service lengths suggested, 32% of respondents (the majority) stated ideally they would like collections to run between March-November. 76% of respondents wanted the service to run for longer in order to increase the number of collections. When asked if respondents would pay £46 to cover the full costs of the service and receive collections from March-November, 48% said no and 46.5% said yes.

We Did

We have extended collections to March-November at a cost of £40 (when paying by direct debit) and £45 (when paying by card or cheque) in 2016/17. The cost increase covers providing additional collections in November and the declining available funding to subsidise the service. The service has been subsidised by a government grant since 2014.


The optional garden waste service is available to households across Leicester. The service collects garden waste, such as leaves, twigs and grass cuttings, fortnightly on Mondays between March and October in green bins. The cost of the service is currently £30.

Why We Are Consulting

Leicester City Council's waste management team would like to understand customer satisfaction with the current service and the views of residents who are not currently customers. The survey also invites views on potential changes to the service.

You can find out more about the service by visiting our garden waste page

What Happens Next

Your views will help us develop the service for our customers.


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