Jubilee Square Concept Design

Closed 19 Dec 2012

Opened 21 Nov 2012

Feedback updated 15 Oct 2013

We asked

We asked for your comments on the concept design for Jubilee Square.

You said

Responses were positive, but suggested the following areas for improvement: - Not green enough - not enough flower beds, screens should be made of trees not metal or glass. - Needs more connection with the Roman/Medieval/Richard III historic location - Consideration for families with children - Alternative parking needs to be clarified ASAP - That it should enhance cyclist connectivity

We did

We have altered the design or provided further clarification on the following points: - Replaced screens with trees - We are developing historical interpretation boards - The lawn areas will provide opportunities for children's play - Wyggeston’s House will be integrated into the space - Architectural lighting will provide a feature of the space - Cycling routes will be extended as part of the project and surrounding works

Results updated 18 Feb 2013


Last year, I invited you to comment on our proposals to create Jubilee Square at the end of High Street. You can download a copy of the findings report at the bottom of this page.
Your comments helped us create the new concept design, which you can see on our Jubilee Square page. 
Our 2nd consultation on that concept design closed on in December 2012. Thanks to everyone who had their say online and came to our roadshows. Download your copy of the findings report at the bottom of this page.



This is the second stage consultation on the proposal to transform the St Nicholas Place Area into an attractive place and gateway into the city centre.

Why your views matter

In August and September this year we invited you to comment on the proposals to create Jubilee Square at the end of High Street. We received 250 responses – your comments have been taken on board and fed into the ‘concept design’.

We would now like to introduce you to this concept design and again ask you for your comments. This will allow us to take account of your views before we start on the final detailed design.



The video featured here is a 3D fly through of the proposed design.  We would ask that you watch this, along with reviewing the documentation available for download below.

Once you feel ready to begin - click the link below and you will be taken to a page where you can submit your comments.


  • Abbey
  • Aylestone
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  • Belgrave
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  • Rushey Mead
  • Saffron
  • Stoneygate


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