Pine Tree Avenue Consultation

Closed 9 May 2014

Opened 8 Apr 2014

Feedback Updated 21 Jul 2014

We Asked

We asked for your views on the proposed strategy for dealing with the problems created by the non-native Wellingtonias on Pine Tree Avenue, including a long-term programme of tree removal, replacement and compensatory planting.

You Said

We received 70 online responses and 4 written submissions, including 18 responses from residents of Pine Tree Avenue. Overall, 70.2% opted to retain the trees. However, only 38.8% of respondents living on Pine Tree Avenue opted to retain the trees, with 61.1% opting to remove and replace the trees. There was strong support for additional Wellingtonia planting in local parks and green spaces.

We Did

We recognise that there is a requirement to develop a long-term strategy to sympathetically deal with the issue of the Wellingtonias, taking into account the views of residents and the on-going financial liability for the council. We have therefore decided to carry out further consultation with those residents most directly affected by the trees in order to produce such a strategy.”



Pine Tree Avenue is a residential street in the Humberstone area of the city. The trees that give the street its name are mostly non-native Wellingtonias (Sequoiadendron giganteum), better known as Giant Redwoods.

The trees have now grown so large that their roots are damaging the foundations of nearby houses and distorting driveways and pavements. Concerned local residents have asked that the council find a solution to these problems.

For more information please see the attached consultation leaflet at the bottom of the page.

Why We Are Consulting

We've been exploring the options available to us, to see what balance can be struck between preserving the character of the street and preventing the trees from causing ongoing damage to homes, pavements and the road itself.

Having considered all of the practical solutions we are recommending that a long term programme of tree removal and replacement is implemented.

Although, at this stage the council has not made a final decision on how to deal with the issue as we would like to hear your views on the proposed strategy and compenstory planting options.

To have your say, please complete our online survey below.





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