Proposal for Southfields Drive Sports Centre (TNS)

Closed 26 Sep 2017

Opened 30 Aug 2017

Feedback Updated 27 Jun 2018

We Asked

We asked for people’s views on proposals to withdraw from Southfields Drive Sports Hall.
We also asked user groups how their activities would be affected by the proposals, and how we could assist users to relocate to other facilities suitable for their needs.

You Said

The groups and activities accessed were very important to them

  • Some groups did not want to relocate but could find alternative venues if necessary
  • Some groups would need support from the council to relocate their activities
  • Some groups said they would not like to see the building close but that the priority is to be able to continue their activities

We Did

  • We will use the feedback from the consultation to make a decision on the Sports Hall building and the activities which take place there
  • We have worked with existing user groups to identify other suitable facilities for their needs
  • We will explore a range of options for the disposal of the building in the context of the wider site


As part of the Transforming Neighbourhoods Services programme we had previously consulted with local people in the south area of the city to find out what they wanted from their services. Resulting from the consultation a decision was made to withdraw from Southfields Community Centre and relocate activity to the nearby Pork Pie Library and Community Centre.

We now want to consult with local residents on proposals to withdraw from Southfields Drive Sports Hall, and in doing so, to assist existing users to relocate to other facilities suitable for their needs. Following withdrawal from the site we want explore further options for the future of the site.



Why We Are Consulting

Now we have suggested a way forward, we would like to know your views.

What Happens Next

We will consider all the feedback received during this consultation before taking a decision on final proposals .


  • Aylestone
  • Eyres Monsell
  • Knighton
  • Saffron


  • All residents
  • Local schools
  • Local charitable organisations, including faith communities
  • Households within the scheme boundary
  • All staff


  • Neighbourhood services
  • City development and neighbourhoods
  • Libraries
  • Community centres
  • Adult learning