To Let Boards Consultation

Closed 24 Apr 2015

Opened 26 Mar 2015

Feedback Updated 4 Sep 2015

We Asked

Following the introduction of a voluntary code of practice for the display of to let boards the City Council consulted local residents, students and letting agents on the options for introducing formal control over the displays.

You Said

238 responses were received. 150 were to the online survey and 88 were e-mails from landlords opposing the measures. The majority of respondents to the online survey agreed that the display of to let boards was a problem and 96 requested a complete ban. Suggestions were also received as to how information on properties that are to let could be provided.

We Did

The results show that the majority of people are in favour of further control over the display of to let boards and the results are being considered with a view to submitting a request to Central Government for a Regulation 7 direction to restrict the display and give the Council powers to deal with those who do not comply. Guidance for displays will also be produced.


Leicester City Council have received a number of complaints in recent years in relation to the display of To Let Boards and their effect of the character and appearance of residential areas.

Leicester City Council understands the need to advertise properties that are available to rent, however we are concerned about the large number of To Let Boards in some areas and are looking at more effective ways of controlling them.

In November 2013 the City Council adopted a Voluntary Code of Practice for the display of To Let Boards. It appears from surveys that the requirements of the Code are not being complied with.

The display of such boards is controlled by national legislation and a number of the boards that are on display are within the limits of the legislation and have ‘deemed consent’




Why We Are Consulting

Leicester City Council is considering applying to the government to issue regulation 7 under The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007 to remove this ‘deemed consent’ in areas of Clarendon Park, Knighton Fields, South Fields and West End. This would mean that we have more control over the display of boards and will lead to an improvement in the appearance of these areas.

Before we do this we would like you to know your views on the options available to the Council. Please click on Online Survey below to fill in the questionnaire.

Any responses should be received by the Council by 24 April 2015.

Please note: Any comments we receive will be stored electronically and will be publicly available. We will store your contact details on a computer database but will not release any information from the database other than your name to anybody not acting for the Council.


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