Braunstone housing office

Closed 7 Dec 2016

Opened 1 Nov 2016


We are proposing to close Braunstone Housing Office and relocate services to The BRITE centre.

The Housing department has recently completed an organisational review. As a result, there are now fewer staff working from Braunstone Housing Office, making it impractical to carry on running the building. The proposed change would involve offering the building for other use.

Staff currently working from the housing office will relocate to the Saffron Lane office, to work alongside other housing management staff, but will continue visiting tenants in the Braunstone area.

Specialist teams will provide additional tenant advice and support surgeries at The BRITE centre, including STAR and the Income Management Team.




  • Braunstone Park & Rowley Fields


  • All residents


  • Housing
  • Neighbourhood services