Recycling banks consultation

Closed 10 Jun 2019

Opened 13 May 2019


Leicester City Council currently provides a network of recycling bank sites for residents of Leicester City to recycle glass bottles and jars, and paper, cardboard and textiles.

To achieve savings whilst improving the service we are proposing the following changes:

  1. Remove all the paper and card recycling banks at the 27 sites where these are provided, and all the glass banks at the 62 sites where these are provided.
  2. Introduce new recycling bins that accept a wider range of materials for recycling including paper, card, glass, metal cans and plastic bottles, at approximately 25 key sites in the city.
  3. Keep all existing textile recycling banks.

Why Change?

The current recycling bank network has been in operation for many years. Since the introduction of the Orange Bag Recycling Service to households in 2011 there has been a significant decrease in the amount of recycling collected through the recycling banks, particularly for cardboard, paper and glass. Many sites now have very little usage.

Demand for the service has fallen, and it has become less efficient. Furthermore, the recycling banks are old, so the proposed changes provide an opportunity to modernise the network, providing new, more attractive bins that accept a wider range of materials for recycling.

Why your views matter

We want to hear your views on the proposals and how they may impact you.

What happens next

Your responses will be used to help us decide if we are planning the right course of action by reducing the number of recycling bank sites, and replacing the old recycling bins with ones that can take a wider range of recyclables.


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