Economic Action Plan

Closed 21 Oct 2016

Opened 14 Sep 2016

Feedback Updated 28 Dec 2017

We Asked

We have asked for your views in relation to the development of the Leicester city economic action plan 2016-2020.

You Said

We received ten online and five direct responses. The online responses said they thought the plan was ambitious and recognised the work already achieved.

Areas that could be enhanced include graduate retention, train connectivity, high speed internet accessibility and business growth.

We Did

These areas were taken onboard and the final document has been produced and is available for download.


Originally launched in 2012, the Leicester Economic Action Plan set out aims for job creation, inward investment and business support in the city up until 2020.

The economic action plan has helped guide and support the city’s growth since 2012, but it is now time to renew it and set out new ambitions for the next four years.

The city council’s new economic action plan (2016-2020) has been developed to encourage and support growth in Leicester. Titled ‘Leicester: Great City’, this document reflects the city's growing ambitions, recognising the achievements that have occurred over the past four years.

We would like to hear your views on this new action plan.



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