Local validation list consultation

Closed 23 Jul 2017

Opened 12 Jun 2017

Feedback Updated 2 Jan 2018

We Asked

We proposed the adoption of a new local validation list containing information requirements to provide comprehensive guidance to those submitting planning applications to the city council.

You Said

Ten responses were received to the online consultation: five of these were anonymous, one from a statutory planning consultee, one from a neighbourhood forum, and three from other city council departments who provide advice to the planning department on the determination of planning applications.

The responses provided some clarifications to the proposed requirements and a number of additional requirements for completeness.

We Did

The proposed additions and amendments to the consultation draft list have been incorporated where appropriate with a view to adopt in early 2018, following a notification exercise to planning agents of the change.


Leicester City Council currently follows national guidelines when validating planning applications. However, these basic guidelines do not require applicants to submit all relevant documentation when they first submit their application.

This can lead to delays as the council often has to ask for further documentation and application details once the assessment period has begun.

Leicester City Council is proposing to introduce a local validation list (LVL) –  a checklist of documents that need to be submitted prior to a planning application being validated.

This will provide clarity, certainty and timely decision making for both applicants and the council by ensuring quality applications are received at the outset.

The LVL has been designed to help developers when preparing applications for planning permission and other planning consents, by providing clear information as to what should be submitted with each application type.

The document is broken down by application type for quick reference.

The LVL provides checklists outlining requirements for each application type, followed by guidance setting out the type and specific requirements of documents which may need to be submitted in support of any application to the planning authority. Appendices provide further information.

The requirements are listed as
Essential – must accompany all applications of that type
Criteria based – are subject to site specific constraints

Download the complete proposed local validation list

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