Mental health support services

Closed 11 Dec 2016

Opened 3 Oct 2016

Feedback Updated 2 Mar 2017

We Asked

We consulted the public to seek their views and opinions concerning proposed changes to current third sector mental health support services. We proposed locality based services providing information, navigation and community based recovery support services.

You Said

45 per cent of respondents indicated that this is the right model for the future, and 76 per cent thought the right service elements were included. Some concerns were expressed about the number of proposed locality services, funding available for these services, and how difficult it might be for people to access them.

We Did

Following the consultation, the commissioners have reviewed their proposals and the funding available, and we are planning to change the name and the number of localities before seeking approval to go ahead with the new model. 

Results Updated 2 Mar 2017

You can download the full consultation report below.



Health and social care want to work together whenever possible, to provide better services that focus on the best ways for people to stay well and to recover.

This will provide real health benefits and make the best use of the money available, help improve quality, and reduce variation in what is available in different areas.

To help people with mental health difficulties to stay well, or to recover if they do become unwell, the councils and CCGs are proposing to develop a set of local ‘hubs’ (called Resilience and Recovery Hubs), to support mental health communities and help individuals with a range of mental health problems.


Mental Health Hub Consultation Meetings

Details of four public mental health hub consultation meetings taking place on dates in November at City Hall in Leicester are now available to view online.




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