Open space, sport and recreation study

Closed 17 Dec 2017

Opened 10 Aug 2017

Feedback Updated 29 Aug 2018

We Asked

We sought views on how people use open spaces, and sporting and recreational facilities across the city.

You Said

A total of 97 responses were received from members of the public which took place alongside the main Local Plan consultation.

We Did

We acknowledged all responses in January outlining the next steps in the Local Plan process.

Further details on how we will respond to the comments will be provided at the next stage of the plan making process.


Open spaces in the city offer significant benefits in terms of well-being; they can act as areas for the storage of carbon and reduce the amount of air pollution in the area. People often travel some distance to access open space, particularly areas that are large and viewed as specific places to visit. Examples include Abbey Park, Aylestone Meadows and Bradgate Park in the greater Leicester area. 

Open spaces are also useful as areas for recreation and fitness. However, there has been increasing pressure on open space for use as development land, whether for housing, commercial or retail use.

There are also cost implications to ensure open spaces are adequately maintained, safe and enjoyable to use. The design of open spaces is also important to ensure that they are overlooked (and therefore safer) and usable to a wide range of people with varying needs.

The city council has produced a report on open space, sport and recreation facilities within the city which shows the quality, quantity and accessibility of open space curently available.


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