Parks Byelaws

Closed 5 Nov 2018

Opened 8 Oct 2018

Results Updated 17 Dec 2018



When using our parks, it is important that Park Byelaws are followed to ensure they remain safe and clean for everyone to enjoy.

Public places like the city’s parks and open space are used for a diverse range of activities by the local communities they serve. The city’s parks currently attract over eight million visitors each year and the council strives to provide high quality, easily accessible and safe spaces for all to enjoy. 

To do this we have a number of byelaws, policies and guides in place, however there are circumstances where without the correct permissions, you may have to abandon your activity or be prevented from continuing if the activity is already underway in the interest of public safety or for the protection of the site itself.

As part of its statutory duties, the council has recently reviewed its existing parks byelaws and are proposing to amend current schedules and consider the introduction of new additional byelaws. An important part of this byelaw review process is finding out what you think. The council is now seeking feedback from the public on the draft proposals.


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