´╗┐´╗┐Pharmaceutical needs assessment

Closed 31 Dec 2017

Opened 2 Oct 2017

Feedback Updated 4 Jun 2018

We Asked

The consultation asked whether:

  • The purpose of the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is explained sufficiently
  • An accurate account of community pharmacy services is described
  • Residents’ needs are accurately reflected
  • People were aware of any pharmaceutical services that were available but not reflected in the PNA
  • Any issues or gaps in provision are missing in the PNA
  • Any additional information should be included
  • Anything your organisation could do to take these recommendations forward

You Said

There were a total of 13 responses

  • 77% (10 respondents) agreed / strongly agreed that the PNA had been explained sufficiently, 23% (3) had no opinion either way
  • 77% agreed /strongly agreed that the PNA provided an accurate account of community pharmacy services currently available in Leicester, 23% had no opinion either way
  • 77% agreed / strongly agreed that the PNA accurately reflected residents needs in Leicester, 23% had no opinion either way
  • 85% (11) reported there were no pharmaceutical services available but not highlighted. One respondent thought there should be more in here about supporting patients recently discharged from secondary care including ensuring that any changes in medication have been successfully communicated to primary care
  • 54% (7) reported there were no issues or gaps in provision, 31% (4) were not sure and 15% (2) respondents reported gaps in provision relating to blood pressure checks, diabetic blood checks and INR testing
  • No respondents thought any additional information should be included in the PNA
  • Four (31%) responded to how recommendations could be taken forward, including staff team meetings to engage with patients to increase uptake of our services, opening a pharmacy in areas of need and one request for more support in this area.
  • Two respondents (15%) made final comments relating to signposting to services not covered in the PNA and to pharmacy applications for existing services.

We Did

It is recommended that the council works with NHS England and Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group where appropriate to:
Address any equity issues through:

  • Review of locations and opening times of pharmacies
  • Review cross-city and county border service provision
  • Encouraging discretionary service in relation to local need

Promotion of health and healthcare management through:

  • Encouraging implementation of healthy living pharmacies
  • Ensuring healthy lifestyle campaigns are carried out
  • Considering inclusion or developing role of pharmacies in commissioning strategies
  • Assessing uptake of advanced and community services to share best practice of high performers
  • Review monitoring and quality visits to pharmacies to promote service improvement



Pharmaceutical needs assessments (PNAs) are carried out every three years to ensure that pharmacies / chemists across the country meet the needs of local people.

One of the main reasons for these assessments is to help NHS England manage requests from pharmacists or businesses that want to set up new community pharmacies, merge businesses, or move to different premises.

The assessment also provides a useful insight into other areas where improvements can be made to current services.

PNAs are the responsibility of Health and Wellbeing Boards, which are made up of local authorities, the NHS and partner organisations involved in the delivery of heath and wellbeing initiatives and projects.

Please note that PNAs focus solely on community pharmaceutical services and do not cover pharmacies in hospitals or prisons.

Why We Are Consulting

We are required by law to consult with a range of different organisations (see page 10 of the Leicester city Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment document).

We also welcome responses from members of the public who are aware of any potential gaps in service or other issues relating to pharmaceutical services in the city.

Two similar consultations are also available for anyone interested in commenting on pharmaceutical services in Leicestershire or Rutland.

Leicestershire pharmaceutical assessment needs survey

Rutland pharmaceutical assessment needs survey

These links will also be available at the end of this questionnaire.


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